aMillions of Chinese tourists to see the city when their secret is to never open the door. Even in the city, located in the main hall of the secret garden is anyone allowed to enter the beginning. Chinese foreign tourists to speak of a common man, he is not allowed to enter the garden. At
the beginning of the eighteenth century secret garden adjacent to the
Palace of the last emperor hayechilagopana living in the palace of the
People’s Republic of China with a successful coup alien and cultural
hayechilarajanaitika beginning of a movement that was the beginning of a
new era in the politics of China. Since then, the palace doors were closed, so to speak. The next revolution in China and the secret garden of the Palace of indifference and neglect was almost destroyed. But in recent years, China’s government finally serious effort was made to protect the palace and the garden from destruction. It is believed hiding in the garden after being closed for almost a
hundred years, you can open the door for the first time the Chinese

Prasadatii 15th century China was originally the center of all abilities. This palace was the residence of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty is determined and until 191 that was consistent. So why, if the proper answer to the palace and gardens were opened. However,
according to China’s Ministry of Culture of China, said that the
government of their country’s ancient landmarks sketchy before the
common people could not catch up. I have been waiting so long for the reform. China needs to be mentioned here that the history of world architecture industry Prasad is a surprise. At
the grand palace was built using a technology that is still a wonder of
the work is finished, the 008 most maneprasadatira reform. A special team has been working to reform the country several years now. The idea of the Chinese Ministry of Culture is trying to revert the former palace.

Traditionally, all the ingredients are easily available today is to try to gather them. Later,
due to the negligence of the new cultural revolution, because the
revolution, most of the resources in the occupied badasadera janarose
destroyed or negligence is gradually destroyed. So, for everyone in the world is expected to open in the next ২0২0 the secret flower garden. Only then will they know that for so many years hiding in the garden there is no mystery to us.

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