bangladesh SIM punahnibandhanera has introduced mobile phone users at the end of the sufferings. The SIM card registration centers in different parts of the country due to the holiday was overflowing crowd of customers. The SIM free punahnibandhanera due to a lot of money in the 10 to 50 were allegedly being taken. Under the rules set by the government at the end of the SIM punahnibandhanera time being.
Meanwhile, at the end, and customers are struggling to cope with a variety of mobile phone operators charge the customer care staff. Additional pressure on customers together for several hours on Friday morning, the main server goes down. And it was a lot of suffering. However, Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, said Tarana Halim, enaaidi (national identity card), the server is down news is not true. Mobile operators may have a problem on the server. Gulshan area to register SIM cards come with a man named Suman said, the first is called on to re-SIM server is down. After waiting for a long time after his re-SIM is successfully completed. In addition, Tejgaon, Maghbaaar and protestors in several registration centers have seen the presence of the common people. Niketan resident Solaiman Hossain said, it took a long time to complete registration. There was a long line. Then the server is down or because the information was not matched. Registration was successful after several attempts. Farmgate after lunch on a mobile phone operator customer care center has seen the same image. There was a lot of crowd. Customer Care is not just kendragulotei, tool-ghetto neighborhood, and a variety of SIM registration is sitting beside the highway. There has been a substantial presence of people. The laid-SIM registration neighborhood complained that money is being taken 10 to 50 customers.
Mobile operators say that the problem was created at the end of the punahnibandhanera pressure. The identity of an operator, a senior official said on condition of anonymity, punahnibandhanera additional pressure on the server is a problem of national identity. Therefore, taking more time to register. And there is only one day during the registration. In the meantime, the rest is not possible to register all SIM.
In this regard, Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, said Tarana Halim, the country’s 8 million to 13 million mobile phone SIM card in the morning till 8 million to 38 million SIM cards were registered biometric system. He said the alleged complexity of the server, the server and the operator of a enaaidira has its own server. Verification from the server after sending the data from the server operator is enaaidi. Enaaidira server was down. It could be a problem on the server operators. Minister further said that the fall will not be re-SIM. SIM registration will meet the government’s target of 9-10 million. The sims that are dispersed or for terrorist activities or terrorist financing is used for illegal purposes, we will assume that.
Meanwhile, at the time of registration after the end of the Grameenphone Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) a month to more than two months and the company wanted. According to the operators, interested customers, but now they do not have time to register SIM. So the government or the regulator should consider an extension. However, Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology by April 30, Tarana Halim said all SIM cards to be re-determined at the Secretariat on Thursday told reporters, SIM registration should be extended in time and a final decision will be made on April 30.
The use of false criminal charges as a SIM card purchased by customers from December 16 last year, growing SIM punahnibandhanera government took the initiative. The national ID card database customers are starting to use the SIM verification of information. Since the fingerprint biometric system is now not going to buy a new SIM. Punahnibandhanera set by the government for the time being at the end of today. However, expatriates will have 18 months from the registration of SIM cards.