Joy Joy, son of Prime Minister in the United States account for a quarter of a billion dollar investigate the source of the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has demanded the repatriation. At the same time, he did not throw during the negotiations, the government urged the country’s crisis.

Diploma Engineers Institution’s National Democratic Party on Saturday jagapara 36th anniversary of the Convention as the chief guest, he said.

Khaleda Zia said the verdict of a court of the United States is now discussing the country. A Bangladeshi young FBI agent paid a bribe to one of the country’s current prime minister’s son was the case because some of the data collected. In that case, the prime minister’s son has nathitei an account equivalent to two and a half billion three hundred million dollars are deposited.

He said, ‘Where is the money? What is the source of this money? Thus, how much more money they have, the people want to know? People think money is the money of the people of Bangladesh. ”

Khaleda alleged corruption and looting the wealth acquired through the mountains of money that have been developed abroad. This should be investigated. We need to bring back the money. But the government is silent about money.

Khaleda Zia accused the government of covering up the money to pay the veteran journalist Shafik Rehman, arrested and tortured. Rahman, editor of the cases have been remanded in prison. False charges, they did not plan the kidnapping and murder of the son of the prime minister. Such accusations have been rejected by the United States Court rayei. Thus, propaganda, torture, causing various issues that they want to cover their crimes. Wants to divert people’s attention.

He said the people of the country is in deep crisis. There is no democracy in the country. There is a representative government. There is no legitimate parliament. Parliament does not have any of the so-called opposition. The electoral system has been turned into a farce. There is no good governance. There is no justice. The customs and institutions were destroyed. There is no human security. The government is unable to protect anyone, anywhere, even normalize the situation demands. Whatever is happening in the isolated incident.

He said law enforcement forces can not carry out their duties in accordance with the natural law. They have been kept in illegal anti-people and the government to protect the public from distraction. They are torturing people. He is happy that extrajudicial killing. The disappearance and murder are taken by force. Where the bodies of the murder victims is available. Some bodies do not match the search. Oppression, torture, arrest, assault, opposition leaders and activists have been the case. Many of the house for a long time. Hiding for fear of arrest and torture. Nationals arrested and remanded on charges of torture are being honored.

Khaleda Zia, the country has a healthy normal state. On average, 14 people are being killed every day. Women and children are not spared. As the newspaper in the last three months and a half thousand people were killed. Corruption and looting the country’s resources are being smuggled abroad. Crore has been looted millions from the stock market. Small investors have been bankrupt. Have been looted thousands of crores from banks. Bangladesh Bank reserves eight hundred crore has been siphoned off through digital manipulation. Incredibly difficult and complex development projects increased the cost of crores of rupees are being plundered.

He suddenly attacked and stabbed assassinations and killings are rising at an alarming rate. Blogger, university teacher, author, publisher, foreign citizens, embassy staff and the people of various religious communities are victims of such attacks and the killing.

BNP chairperson said the panic thing, confessed to murder in the name of being jangigosthira. Each of these incidents, and concerned citizens worried about the safety of themselves today. The government is unable to stop these attacks and killings. They are denying the presence of international terrorists. But to find the real perpetrators and ensure that justice can not. Rather, they are the responsibility of the loading on the opposition. The investigation is being affected, and that the real culprits behind.

Khaleda Zia said the Awami League from 1996 to 001 during the reign of the spread of militancy in the country occurred in the first. At that time, Ramna batamule festival, held in Jessore Udichi cultural, sipibira rally at Paltan in Dhaka, Baniyacanyera church, a bomb attack in Khulna Ahmadiyya community’s places of worship and many people were killed or wounded. The real terrorists and militants hiding on the opposition Awami League, BNP and liabilities imposed. We were elected to government, the militant actions of the clamp-down.

He saw evidence of the rise of militancy in the country is deeply concerned that once again today. The current government can not avoid its responsibility. They are angry with the normal process of constitutional politics and the law is the way of the rise of militancy.

The BNP chief said, the present government is not valid. But they have been illegally occupied state power. Therefore, those responsible for the security of citizens to be observed. They are avoiding the responsibility. They can not be security for all. These things do not have the right to remain in power has avoided responsibility.

He said that people today do not like any of the walks of life. Farmers are not getting fair price for their produce. However, their production cost has increased manifold. Surging prices of essential commodities are increasing. Limited-income people have become crazy. Corruption and looting was rampant in power. Still uneasy horror lodasedinye public life today. Unlimited violence and looting going on today that it had never seen the man before.

He said the country can not continue like this. Will bring democracy in the country. To establish the rule of law. To restore justice. Torture must be stopped. To restore peace and security to the citizens. That is why there is the need to struggle together.

He said, we are all neighbors as a responsible political party in the country to peace and friendship. Through negotiations with all countries, we believe in the principle of resolving all problems. However, as an independent country, we will do everything on the basis of mutual respect. We will not bow down to anyone.

BNP chairperson said the current power there is no mass base. There is no support among the people. Subjugate others so they wanted to keep the power on the mass of the people. Thus, you can not walk for long. I think the current rulers will not be able to remain in power so long.

Urging the government, he said, depends on the people of the country. Within the country, the crisis has made the reduction of the country to the path of dialogue inside. When fast flowing. And do not try to ksepanera time.
As the party of patriotism and courage in times of crisis has Jagpa desajatira, it will shine in the history of the democratic movement, the BNP chairperson said.

She arrived at 4 pm kanabhenasanasthale 34 minutes when supporters greeted him with applause and slogans. 0 jotanetrio waving party responded to their wishes.

Jagpa founder and current chair of the president Shafiul Alam Pradhan also addressed, among others, former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University Prof Dr rakhena. Emazuddin Ahmed, Dhaka University teacher Prof rallying Baruah, Sanjib Chowdhury columnist, Jagpa squeeze Secretary Khandaker Rahman, member of the Presidium of Professor Rehana, vice-president Mohiuddin Bablu, organizing secretary Sheikh Jamal Uddin, among others.

Attended the party’s vice-chairman Shah Moazzam Hossain, senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Syed Moazzam Hossain Alal, Khairul Kabir Khokon, economic affairs secretary Abdus Salam, organizing secretary Bilkis Jahan Shirin, Shama Obaid, co-organizing secretary Shahidul Islam Babul and others.

0-party alliance leaders attended NDP chairman Golam morttaja, Chairman of NPP. Pharidujjamana Farhad, said the chairman of the Labour Party. Saiful Rahman Iran, Islamic Oikya Jote Chairman Maulana Abdur Rakib, Communist Party General Secretary, Comrade Saeed Ahmed, Syed Mahbub Hossain, secretary general of the People’s League.Source: News Line