Kolkata rainbow appeared in the sky zone

 কলকাতার আকাশে দেখা গেল রামধনু বলয় ‘সোলার হ্যালো’

Wonder rainbow around the sun high overhead afternoon sun belt saw Kolkata. Rainbow-colored circle around the sun. The rainbow balayake “Hello solar as astronomers call. Usually these ice crystals, which reflects the sun’s light is made of rainbow ring around the sun. Around the sun or moon, ‘hello’ can be seen. Round ‘hyaloi most obvious.
Six to ten kilometers above the earth’s surface has been minus 30 degrees temperature is usually in the sky. This place jalakana small ice crystal X-ray of the sun on her degree when the “Hello” can be seen. The cosmic view of the possibilities, astronomers did before. Temperate and mountainous area around the scene seem to be common in India can be seen in this view. Kolkata city nearly two years ago witnessed the incident tilottamabasi. However, this view did not last long service. Saturday at 1 pm The scene lasted for around half an hour. The rings are made of small rainbow around the sun. In the fall of the sphere to be vanish mid-air.
On the one hand in the fifth round of voting, when the heat was busy suburb of Calcutta, and the time-consuming heat of the history of this rainbow ring. On the other hand, there were many holiday mood. The cosmic scene was filmed. Dude who becomes flooded the scene. Social media has spread rapidly in the picture. Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee, CPM rainbow coalition called Alliance at the tone. Saturday’s rainbow sky occupied zone is not carrying a portent for grassroots supremo!