SIM registration gets one month


সিম নিবন্ধনের সময় বাড়ল এক মাস

For the people of Bangladesh Biometric systems (fingerprint) SIMs punahnibandhanera deadline has been extended. 1 pm until midnight on May 31. According to the new SIM will be registered. However, unregistered sims will be closed for three hours every day from May 1.
The regulator said at a press conference on Saturday afternoon at the Post and Telecommunications Minister Tarana Halim. He said that on May 31, the night after 1 pm, without any warning, we unregistered sims will completely de-active.
SIM card registration before the tie was the last time today (30 April). SIM card registration centers across the country as a result of the capital on Friday, the crowd of customers. The same can be seen in the crowd on Saturday. But so far, because a lot of unregistered SIM cards, and this decision was taken in the context of the demand for a variety of quarters