Referring to the balanced development of the Awami League of Sheikh Hasina has expressed a desire to work for the common man bhagyonnayanei life.

“We did not come here to make a fortune by corruption. I am the daughter of Father of the Nation. Politics are not for the development of his own fortune, for the welfare of the people. That will make the rest of life. ”
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today at 1 pm in Gopalganj Sadar upazila during the quarter Fazilatunnesa ghonaparaya Sheikh Mujib Eye Hospital and Training Center inaugurated at the rally said.
The Prime Minister, for the people of this country, my parents, brothers and sisters, everyone has life. I lost everything, I have nothing else to lose. There is nothing to be sought-after. Now I want to do something for the people of this country.
He said the country’s development, many wonder, I say it is not a surprise, faith. People believe. Have faith that this country can not progress. I’m in the hands of the good intentions, there have been successes.
The Prime Minister said the BNP-Jamaat unless it is a conspiracy of Padma Bridge construction work on the bridge could proceed further.
He said that the students do not buy books today, we are giving everything. Now the country has to ensure food security. People’s needs have changed, because there is food in the stomach. Power to the people, to school. We’re doing it.
The Prime Minister said it was a one-time hostility gopalaganjabasi, was neglected. It was a special reason. The budget was money. However, the development would not have been. From here one time, and the university was evacuated.
Highlighting the development of the health sector, the Prime Minister and his government, have undertaken a comprehensive program for the development of this sector. Three more are medical college. In addition, each section will have a medical university.
Fazilatunnesa newly established Sheikh Mujib Eye Hospital and Training Center of the Prime Minister, I hope you will contribute to the medical center manabasebaya.
He added another day to come here for treatment of the eye. Source: AFP