Rana Plaza bismayakanya She was rescued 17 days after the mother of daughters.

Ad-Din Hospital in the early hours of March 10, was born in the capital Mogbazar daughter named Reba ridaoyana Islam.

In January, the district of Barisal, was married to the daughter of Rabbi her son Ataur Rahman.

She has been working at the hotel Westin. He is a four-month maternity leave. United Hospital at Gulshan in contrast to the cuts of her husband and children.

4 April 1136 killed 013 workers Rana Plaza. About three thousand people were injured.

The army of rescue, fire service and civil diphensasaha multiple forces and locals. But hours after the incident ruin shahina 108, one of the workers found the dead woman. 9 hours failed attempt to rescue him alive. Then it gives rise to widespread criticism.

May 10 afternoon, 17 days after the collapse of the basement She was miraculously found alive. The news spread around the world in a moment.

No. 3 Singra upazila of Dinajpur Ghoraghat Union Ansar Ali, wife of the deceased farmer village kosigari Jobeda Reshma Khatun, the youngest of two sons and 3 daughters. His younger brother, Sadeq, who works at a sweater factory. Big Brother Jahidul Ghoraghat bhanarira business. If at the big sister Asma. He worked in a garment factory. Her husband drives a rickshaw in Dhaka. If Ghoraghat sister Fatima. Her husband, agricultural laborers.