Juwel Ishlam's photo.The Naples for several days, and the first of the friendly relations have developed friendship Mitu
Naples Mitu but later started to love in another way. Mitu declare his love for a long time thought to Naples,
Naples could not tell a lot of thought in any way, but he still loves to Mitu.
One night, lying alone in bed Naples thought that somehow tomorrow will tell Mitu
I love him.

The next afternoon, the Naples Daily to Mitu
To see berahalo outside. They sat chatting in the day to go to Naples, where Mitu besa have to wait a while to sit alone Naples Area Mitu Fed said, from the other side of the phone, but the phone has been risiba Mitu to Naples before he began to say, hello, what happened today is still Mitu Why do not you come? When you sit in the waiting Mitu plija Come early today, I’ll say a word
After a long time thinking about our friendship thing that I tell you today parini the word.

Someone was saying over the phone from the other side of the slip late father’s friend’s son kala night Mitu Mitu Mitu now passed marriage
Sasurabari her.