Hitler was astonished about 14 tath

 হিটলার সম্পর্কে চমকে যাওয়া ১৪ তথ্য


How much myth surrounding Hitler is still reeling. Germany, starting from Europe, Asia, America. Hitler’s interest is not the end of the day. Hitler was surprised by the information that the 14 let’s see.

1. The love life of Adolf Hitler was a Jewish girl. Can you imagine the world that Hitler’s name and shake with fear, the fear hitalarai to talk to the young girl was injured.

II. Do you know the name of Adolf Hitler, whom he was supposed to recognize the name of another. ‘Hitler’, not ‘siklagrubara. After his father’s second name was changed. It comes in the name of what is or is.

3. Hitler was a strong gas problem. 8 kinds of drugs used to eat.

4. Sutrapatata modern anti-smoking movement, who were holding hands, you know? Hitler.

5. A British soldier wounded during the First World War the Germans had given clemency. What is the name of the German you know? Adolf Hitler.

6. Hitler vegetarians. He had a reputation as animal.

7. Dhube Hitler was dead in the water for about 4 years old. A man barely save him.

8. Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.

9. Hitler’s dream was a teenager, he grew up to be a priest. Can you imagine that!

10. Hitler tried to feed his wife and hormone mixed US spies. The objective, as well as Hitler’s.

11. Hitler was afraid of a deadly thing. Cats should be surprised to hear that! Ayalekajandara, Napoleon and musolini everyone was afraid of cats!

1. In 1913, in Vienna, who lived together in the same area, you know? Book uthabe shook Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito and Freud. Such aksasaktike What do you think?

13. Hitler believed, there is no one in the world like him handsome. I was married for political gains.

14. Hitler’s reign in Germany, all of his autobiography was called as a gift.








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