I love him and he loves to tell whether today. But how do you say What does it take to win her heart Love offering world 10 remains in line.

1. You just have to, you know Im alive. Other men claim that they have seen or angel. I just wanted you to see, and MAXIMUM enough for me.  George Moore (Irish writer)

II.  I love that its not only how people see it as Im with you attract her. Elizabeth Barrett Browning (19th-century British poet)

3.I beg you with all your heart, all your mind and love among us, let me know. King Henry VIII (King of England in the 16th century)

4. I came to know what love is.  Hermann Hesse (German poet, novelist)

5. Come let us immortal love. Herbert Trench (Irish poet)

6. Love Come, O sleep, read, come to me,I know, I have been swept away by the tide of love.  Robert Browning (19th shock British poet)

7. I love you, love you to death, and if they mrtyuttara life that you will never love. Cassandra Clare (American novelist)

8.  My innermost heart, where I absolutely alone, there is your fountain is dry.  Pearl S. Buck (American novelist)

9. As my debt to you The loan is to be repaid at any time,I spent more money than The more waste that day . JC Bell ritenahausa (American poet)

10. The most important thing to say is the most difficult, because you refuse to give the meaning of the word became shorter. Stephen King (American writer)