After the first lesson started his chalk pencil ditbiya step. And there are very few people who do not like to write in pencil. Pinsilera anyarakamee attraction or respect, especially to children. And if you make a mistake with the pen once he lekhale
Text written in pencil, but it can not be deleted when you make a mistake again, rub it with a rubber can be deleted easily. Therefore, all of the different interests pinsilera Maya and compassion towards the children are involved. Do not just write the mochaboi pinsilera have some skill, as we want to set up a rubber pencil can also learn to use something different. Let’s learn
The gunagunah

Currency and send shine
Take for example a collection of old coins from the old days, but just can not see it. Mayalate, and it has become a little dull. What do you think? Use of water? Not at all, but before he left, I will use the pencil eraser. After you have become a sort of shimmery old currency. Rare things like this should not take the risk.

Stain and send
Phrematake picture hanging in the house for a long time because a lot of dark spots or dirt has fallen? Or passed new shoe heels stain on the floor? These cuts can be easily cleaned if you wish to use the pencil muchani. Kreyanera from the cell wall is not just for kids, that helps to erase pencil eraser amkibukikeo. The results can be seen just a little rubb.

Pin packed rakhateh
Pin frequently used needles and use in our daily life are lost causes if it is not safe, convenient, and also can not be considered to be no way out. Looking at these two things can be properly arranged, and it is a place to keep up to date a pencil eraser. There will be stuck somewhere and dig right mind would not be kept.

Zipper khulateh
Pants zipper bags or anything that was not a problem confined to the streets, very few people will be polite. What can be done in such circumstances? Chain stretch over attempts to fix? However, out of all this can be seen with a pencil eraser smudge a little attach to the teeth. With the myajikera is exactly like Zipper.