Check the identity of the actual photo

জেনে নিন ছবির মানুষটির আসল পরিচয়

Chabiti know the identity of the actual image on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter have seen so many times. Normally the expression is used as a film suitable ridiculous situation. However, the movie is, it is a real human face, or look for any imagined? In fact, it is a fictional appearance. There’s a story behind this photo. Come on, let’s see the photo.

Yao Ming playground;
Yao Ming is the name of the person image. By profession he is a basketball player, a resident of China. He is currently playing for the United States NBA basketball. Yao is the tallest player in the NBA. The height of 7 feet 6 inches. Yao’s image is made based on the expression of a special moment. He faced 009 sambadamadhyamera after a basketball match. Video recording of his conversation with journalists that is, a part of which becomes apparent in Yao’s face expression.
Special moments of the press conference.
010 “Rage Comics” by Campaign ‘DUMB Beach’ as the expression of Yao-style social media to spread the meme. He did not take time to achieve the popularity of the meme.