Romeo, Juliet will meet again as our ‘

 `রোমিও, জুলিয়েটের মতো আবার দেখা হবে আমাদের’
Indian billionaire, once ‘media baron’ Peter, his wife Indrani Mukherjee Mukherjee sent to prison. He is in prison for the murder of his daughter.

Letter sent to his prison-prisoner’s wife has repeatedly regretted dropping the pen of Peter. Writes, “Today is your birthday, you (Indrani) I missed! After the first time I met you on your birthday and you were not one. But see, how far away from what we are now! ”

The letter I love you Love indranike Peter ‘mumu’ call. If private, intimate times indranike ‘mumu’ call as Peter!

Peter wrote in the letter, “mumu, my dear, today is a day to remember the days of your life as well as my life. Identity dinatateo never talk with you since we have never been separated. But I see, so close, how far away from each other in the same city, we are! This sent birthday greetings to you-What else can we do without? You’re in love, can not send the flowers, the cake can not send. That’s not to say only, live well, stay well, as much as possible. Have faith in God. We Romeo and Juliet will be the same. I can shake hands. ”

Written in black ink on one page long letter sent to Peter indranike hug and kissed.