Mr. Afzal wrote his theme of all the books used to hit from the beginning. His books, however, was not the end of the Heat had such a good start.
Numerous career like he yemana lekhechena end of the text rudrarayake lekhechilena rudraraya bicitramaya also the author of another. Live the dream with his mind or hand expression of God’s heart was the end of his book rudraraya taruke actor wrote about it that way, and Mr. Afzal wrote his dairite kept lekhaka rudrarayera tarura favorite actors from all over the rudrarayera Toru was a favorite actor.
Portrayed rudraraya never seen a movie that was not tarura. The director Feroz Khan rudrarayera time friend of the child. And because of their friendship with him tarura see photos were lucky enough to be introduced directly. Firoz was returning home after a poor sutim Road duraghatanaya died suddenly. Feroze died every year on July sixteenth anniversary is celebrated. And this time he will be celebrated a few days ago to talk about things tarura Speaking to the director of the times it seemed to me very soon along with Feroze like mourning the loss of a beloved actor will be. The sequence of events within a few days became a reality. One day, with the last word on the satekera tarura rudraraya day, like early in the morning to wake up at a time when preparations nitechilena tiyentira Kring Kring, the main body of the phone is made of brass sound that could be heard daure handle the phone away from your ear lagatei opranta ears there came the phone tarura eliminating the death of news.
The office is not going to go away, and there rudraraya tarura tomb tarura last night before returning home taru death, a letter addressed rudrarayera. Toru stating that causes him to go through the gift of a diary rudrarayake rudrarayake been called by Toru sutim of leisure time of a movie that will manage the whole of the dairite he wrote the story could not be written.
Yetuko have left by the end of the movie oituko rudrarayake entering the work has to samparna rudraraya tarura dairite to write before his death, according to his diary, written in the first few lines of the movie, in fact, came to understand that reading will be a thriller type movie. So rudraraya pimchu for his life, his thinking had taken place at the beginning it was all one duraghatanaguloke bhabanaguloke cursed his own life was thought to be ghrrna.
Rudraraya did not want in any way to her new life, no matter duraghatana his Family. If so tarura text was:
A mother of a newborn child’s mother. Interestingly, however, the mother house of a man instead of a poisonous snake will be born. His mother died when he jarmmera poisonous snake, and its babarao died within a few months.
And if you want to create a movie thriller story rudrarayake more to think deeper into the theme from the movie will bring. I thought rudrarayera duraghatana may mean no new death from all aro Funny thing is, when I was seven until the age of marriage rudrarayera unfortunate thing is that the parents could not. Tarura know how to write his own life story, so he’s a match that had been so overwhelmed by the thought.
The issue of mental tension or duracintaya rudraraya manabala his body quite weak, and then he met with Dr. bosake for rudraraya Dr. bosa told all the events.
Dr. manasika bosa is an expert.
the fate of those around us lekhachila happened sudhu just thought to myself sick Rudra has no meaning.
You Quit sutaram mind those duracinta. And with the exception of duracinta tarura written in the hand of the movie sutim Take your mistakes will be broken by the grace of God, and joint written tarura movie will be a hit.

Dr. bosera while sitting in the chamber while basa rudrarayera home phone call from the rudrarayera mother smile daughter said to go home, why should all of a sudden guriye paregeche head. Bhabao was throwing up a few times. There are now well in hand after the water has been taken to the hospital once her tabu rudraraya mother said, okay, I need to come along with Dr. bosake cut phonata Dr. bosa who went home with rudraraya.
Dr. bosa rudrarayera strike at the bright smile with joy in the face of good news rudrarayake Rudra said her aunt, where she digit isbara the ball to give the home mrsti face looked back at you
You heard the news habirudraraya father could not believe it. After a seven-year marriage to the child’s father called her home rudraraya to face all mrsti said. Rudraraya parents will be happy that he told Dr. bosake bosa I made the movie will no longer work for him in the next few days within the sound of sutim. OK Rudra dicha the movie before starting work with the phone next to your first movie to say no if you need assistance, just if I got Rudra.

Rudraraya parents she was going to be her first movie with the news or the fact that she told all susambadatio.
After ten days of the techniques rudraraya two hundred twenty nine months dirgha tarura began to write the story of the movie during the day, and two hundred and twenty kalakausalidera ponera exchange of the release of the movie in the movie Happy dinakhanao samparna the ebara is just that the movie would be released thika strio the same day his son would pasraba daktara bosa several techniques, including the day when the movie was released, went to the cinema to see the movie. And rudraraya her to the hospital strike. The first flowers sotei movie hits. Thriller movie of the same in the face of all that did not make sense before the movie actor tarura story written in the story of the author’s last gift bisao mukhara discussed at all, it became a hit movie ekadike story of the author’s last gift bisao sunama frequency storm is a full discussion of since the beginning of the show and the movie, and the movie’s director on rudrarayera
Strira the body of the dead snake brede born at the hospital before the end of the movie ekhano pain and the pain is going to be a storm a few minutes at a time when the cinema was bemje Dr. bosera mobile phone. Dr. bosa was the joy of receiving a phone call. He thought that any good news will rudraraya. But fate is cruel to the neck was the voice of Dr. Dr. rudraraya to receive a call bosa bosa the end. This means that all end? What is the Rudra balachicha? This Rudra, what happened? Stop crying now, a few minutes from the end of Rudra mubhi Despite what Dr. bosa theater departed from the scene to the hospital, and that was the end of the movie rudrarayera bastabye was feeling.
Rudrarayera stri snake died after pasraba
Rudraraya three months on the middle of the night suddenly woke up and saw her, including stri
So far all of those who died in her thoughts
A procession of people dead in his cell
Rudrarayake repeatedly entered a victim of your thoughts if we are talking about all of your thoughts rudraraya irony. And all of us are responsible for the death of Rudra. Rudra curse your thoughts in our life in this world can come up with a new yate none of your damned worries are not far sesa rudraraya lekhalekhi that were sitting at the table were all sorts of stories and fairy tales, where Rudra at the table in front of him lekhato sat down and took out a bottle of poison from the draw table and picked up a pen and paper, and hate his death, he wrote a paper rudraraya pane poison poisoned betel end of his life, and there was rudrarayera lekhaka torn pages of the diary that speaks to the author’s last gift bisao death.