Tipu Sultan is now the property of the how is India’s freedom movement as successor Tipu Sultan’s name is first. Maisura other states in South India was quite strong and then it was completely different kind of government. US religious tolerance against corruption and for the development of agriculture was very important during a period of Tipu Sultan. Recently, the famous auction house banahyama artifact auction was 33 at the time of Tipu Sultan. Things that cost a lot more than the initially estimated cost of which is then sold. One of the elements of the auction was a hunting rifle. The gun was especially made for Tipu Sultan Mohammad Asad Khan.
Tiger feature made with the gun was sold sixty thousand pounds. In addition, two more precious elements were built of bronze cannons and gold helmet by. Tiger faces were carved and written in part cannon helametatite Allah, Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussein’s name. However, before once used by Tipu Sultan of the auction. And coitus being sold in the drabyagulo caradame some reason. After acquiring the ability to maisurera Tipu Sultan presented himself as a replica of the tiger in front of the people. He follows in the footsteps Rustam Shahnamah character in the royal tiger stripes used in the body. And this is why he was known then ekaname the whole of India. After the fall of Tipu Sultan’s death in 1799, and seringapatamera Harris announced that the British Raj in India. Only the sultan’s palace during the looting carried out by British soldiers. In addition to the one million residents of the city, houses were looted and set on fire by British forces.
Wellesley Earth wrote to his mother to keep the rest of the city was destroyed in a house. I could understand that the gems are worth a lot of gold bars. They were sold in the open market place. David Price wrote in looting team resources anekerei eyes went up to the palace. An estimate of the total assets will not be easy. At the end of the first day of reckoning is only one and a half million from the palace of the sultans, or gold coins are available. Which was admitted into a thousand sacks. But according to other sources 1893 at the Palace of the gold from the British throne, gold and silver utensils hirakakhacita sword and also a lot of precious priceless Persian karpetasaha ratnadi said. The wealth is distributed among the soldiers, and they were taken to Britain, but a significant number of resources are placed for the East India Company and the British royal family. Tipu Sultan East India Company in Baja Musical Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, which had been given as a gift to keep the news from the Internet achetathyasutrah.