Bogra, Bangladesh were saved historic nabababari

 রক্ষা পেল বগুড়ার ঐতিহাসিক নবাববাড়ি

Traditional sold to the intervention of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs nabababari (at the Palace) eventually were saved. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Memorial historical and archaeological importance of building bijarita the government has decided to preserve the building. Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs at Chania Akhtar signed a letter to the Deputy Commissioner BMW reached Thursday.
BMW has been mentioned in the letter, the traditional home of Nawab (former Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Memorial bijarita home) because of historical and archaeological importance Antiquities Act of 1968 (amended in 1976), as well as the preservation of antiquities in the BMW qualify the government decided to preserve the traditional home of Nawab said. In order to save the antiquities described in the notice published in the Gazette, and later in their instructions have been given to take necessary measures.
Traditional BMW nabababari (at the Palace) a quarter to buy long-term process continued. In addition to the socio-cultural organizations in Bogra on the movement of people from all walks of different classes. But in the end it did not save. Three influential businessmen BMW 1 acre to 55 decimals of land and facilities were purchased Rs 7 crore 45 lakh 7 thousand. The former prime minister of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali, was sold hamade two sons, Syed Ali and Syed Hammad Ali. On April 17, the office of Bogra Sadar sabarejistri nabababari deed of sale was executed. Since the day after the news was published in various media outlets nabababari. As well as various organizations started a new movement. They also submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Culture, through the Deputy Commissioner for preserving nabababariti. The decision was taken after the nabababariti civil protection.
The village of Bogra town sutrapur spots are located at 1708 the total amount of assets nababarira three centuries, or about 10 acres to 75 acres. Most of the property has been sold a long time ago. Al-Amin has built on this property buyers complex, tiemaesaesa female market, Sharif Uddin super market and multi-storied commercial building Rana Plaza.
On 55 acres of land was one of the last century, the late Mohammad Ali and his wife and family members nabababari kabarasaha. The house was built in 1884 by Nawab. As the official price structure of the house was sold 7 billion, including Rs 45 lakh 7 thousand. It is jointly bought Bogra district Awami League President Momtaz Uddin, son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry machudura Rahman Milon, businessman Shafiqul Hasan Jewel and Alhaj Abdul Ghafoor. Syed Mohammad Ali, son of the late dealers on April 15, two hamade Ali Chowdhury and Syed Hammad Ali has signed the document on April 17, registry document (Document No. -4318) was performed.