Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina said the grenade attack, a bomb planted in many ways failed attempt to kill me, and now they are trying to kill my son win. He said the FBI officer a bribe amount of money could buy with the BNP leaders have. Amerikayai caught it. The US government has filed, and the opposition leader has also been sentenced. They will kill out the victory.

The closing session of the Parliament, the Prime Minister said in his speech last night. The session began April 4 to 9 working days. During this period, 14 bills were passed.
A quarter-hour speech, the prime minister said terrorism and extremism, no terrorist attacks on our country on this earth, there is no room. Many have pointed to terrorism in our country Ñ will try to play with the game I will not be at least survive. Our responsibility to the people of Bangladesh. To their safety as much as we need to, we’re not.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the BNP-Jamaat government had to do was land. Islamist terrorists country, arthapacarakaridera countries. The Awami League came to power, the National Party carried out torture. BNP was in power means tyranny. The most disgusting incident 013, 14, 015 people were killed in the how. People were burned to death. They were laundering money made illegally. American courts have that information. Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has black money. Hundreds of crores were looted. Bangladesh was the champion in corruption. In this context, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia and her two daughters in a variety of corruption charges, the case was referred to. The Prime Minister said Bangladesh is the role model of development since we came to power today.
Referring to Prime Minister Khaleda and her son, how much money they have been trafficked abroad have. FBI officers have purchased. This amount of money could buy with FBI officers have leaders. It caught America. The US government has filed, and the FBI has filed a case where the party has been sentenced netara name. They win out there jacking off to winning. That would kill him, will remove from life. Such information came out from the case. During the case Shafik Rehman, opposition leader Rahman come out the names of the two teens. It is meant to American data. They are involved in the conspiracy. BNP leader convicted. US court has sentenced. That’s the real truth. But a few days ago that the false information about the opposition leader won the nation wanted to deceive. It has won the challenge. I hope that he will respond to it.
Prime Minister, I would like to, we taught him. We have to educate him. Cotta cook thief. Digital Bangladesh is to learn from the work of winning. Working for the people of the country, did not want anything in return. Own by eating itself. There is no word to speak against him, and then all of a sudden. I have a grenade, bomb, planted in a failed attempt to kill so many ways to kill people are trying to kill my son. They are involved in the conspiracy. This is their character. This murder is the killing of their profession. What, no self-interest? What crime have we? My parents, my brothers and sisters were killed. The killers have not been rewarded. The killers have tolerated. Their presidential candidate, MP bananosaha have tolerated many ways. Thank God that we have been able to judge came to power.
The Prime Minister said Islam is a religion of peace, Islam does not believe in terrorism. A Muslim to kill another Muslim can not go to heaven. He will go to hell. Everybody should be careful in this regard.
He said those who were war criminals, the Pakistan army had been attending the trial of Father of the Nation had killed him had stopped. Ziaur Rahman stopped the trial of the killers. We have tried to come to power. Roy are effective. Bangladesh are abhisapamukta.
Begum Khaleda Zia to appear in court, he said, to my question, the case goes to court, why do not you can go to court to give a speech at Suhrawardy Udyan. Police in the mind of a thief. He is afraid to deal with the case.
The Prime Minister of our country on this earth, there is no room for any militant attacks. Do not try to show that there are many in our country of terrorism Ñ to play the game to survive, at least I will not be. Our responsibility to the people of Bangladesh. To their safety as much as we need to, we’re not. In that case, I want to support the people. Thus, not only around the country to cooperate with all those who are involved in terrorism, they do not build a bomb, if I do something suspicious in their demeanor mobility to the police, ask to give us information. We would like to take rapid action against them. Today, there is a peaceful atmosphere in the country’s rapid development in the country might be. In 2021 in the middle-income, developed nation by the year 041’ll become.
The Prime Minister said our politics for the sake of the welfare of the people, for the development of the country. We are working to improve. 5 percent budget increase, reserve growth and to achieve 7 percent growth mentioned. He had control of. The measures we have taken in the purchasing power of people is. We have already increased salaries. We pay increased almost 123 percent. No one has been able to increase the salary of the earth. Reducing the poverty rate, increase in power generation highlighted the government’s development program in detail.

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