Four weeks ‘unfriend’

  সপ্তাহে চারজনকে ‘আনফ্রেন্ড’

The popular social media Facebook to unfriend increasing rate. An online company called bhaucarakodasapro study, an average of 4 persons per Facebook user was excluded from the list of friends.

The UK study was conducted over two and a half thousand young people, who are using Facebook for at least five years. Bhaucarakodasaprora study, the average number of friends on Facebook, 320 members of a human being. Remove from the list of friends as well as new friends of the users listed.

Facebook friends list to be excluded from the study because, more and more pictures, posting, annoying comments, etc. to use additional graphics language. Two and a half thousand young people took part in the study of more than 7 per cent in posts, photos and update it with a friend, he was like to be excluded from the list.

Social exclusion was due to something boring to post 18 percent. Some friends were boring in real life, 14 percent of respondents want to exclude. Graphic Language is more like 11 percent. And 8 percent of respondents in favor of removing people from the list of friends. Mirror.