Jamaat-e-Islami chief Moulana Nizami crimes against humanity Appellate Division rejected the application for review. As a result, his death sentence was upheld. A four-member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha delivered the verdict at 11am today. The other members of the bench of justices Nazmun Ara Sultana, Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain and Justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui.

Mercy petition before the President, subject to the provisions of executions is to solve the case. If the accused is not granted mercy petition to the President, and if the bar will not be tied to any of the karyakare prison authorities.

Formed in 1971 to prosecute crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Tribunal on October 9 014 -1 Maulana Nizami death. Maulana Nizami prosecution brought against the eight accused guilty of 16 charges of crimes tribunal. Each of the four charges and sentenced to death was sentenced to life imprisonment on each of the four charges. Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on November 3 last year Moulana Nizami appeal.

January 6 last year, led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Moulana Nizami’s four-member bench of the Supreme Court verdict upholding the death sentence. The verdict of the Appellate Division upheld the death sentence of three and two to life imprisonment. Earlier, on March 9 to review the judgment of the Appellate Division of Moulana Nizami (review) filed an application. A total of 46 reviews of the 70-page petition (Ground), arguing that the death penalty had canceled the exemption request was acquitted, and exemption from charges.

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