Steam facial skin beauty

 ত্বকের সৌন্দর্যে স্টিম ফেসিয়াল
Beautiful skin is a prerequisite for beauty. So, facial skin is very important for the rakhara. Only serves to animate facial skin, but the skin more beautiful. Steam is very beneficial for the facial skin. Heated steam extends the pore mouth. As a result of all the dust, dirt and grime cling to unwanted oily substance becomes clear. As a result, a lot of skin is clean. Most of the parlor facial skin we are to maintain freshness. But those who can not go because of time constraints parlor, they can remove facial at home in a short time. Cleaning the skin is an easy way to know.

Which can be

Mathara bound to remove hair combed backwards.

If we make a basin of boiling water to half.

If we make a large towel over his head into the basin from the back cover so that steam can not escape. Stooped his head with a towel as a tent cover with a bowl.

Cokha two off.

Majhe in the towel to take away the breath. Sometimes with a spoon of water vapor will rise by more than shake it. Take 10 minutes to heat.

If you like a variety of natural ingredients can be mixed panite. For example, two of lemon juice or peel, fennel pounded the spoon.

Splashing cold water on the face at the end to take bhapa Wash. Take off with a towel.

Saba moisturizer cream mix at the end. You can close the hole in the sink basin instead.

To steam facial skin care routine at home. When the hot water in the heat will help to increase blood circulation to the skin. As a result, the skin becomes more beautiful as well as living accommodation.