Which do not suddenly angry man

 রেগে গেলে যা যা করবেন না

Am man of his anger is just. And people do not have the knowledge of good and evil against me his. Why are not you angry when people yuktabadi the peace or does not work for any reason. Many people who are raising or head home and cried until there is no peace until something breaks. That anger may break early in your relationship, or loss may be too large. After a thousand regrets, but he will not benefit. Avoid the wrath of some issues, which will save you from large losses anake. He discussed below are:
If you want to reduce the wrath of angry people drinking. The anger is not falling, but more and more control over his work began to lose more and more dangerous.
Adults do not have to sleep in the house with anger. During sleep our subconscious feelings more deeply affected. So think before going to sleep is no argument that the negative feelings involved subconscious mind works more profound impact.
Many angry left to eat. And he urged the people to reduce food feeding anger. But it counterproductive results. Many of them began to eat themselves to reduce anger. If you are not angry, but never to digest food correctly. Problems like constipation or diarrhea may occur.
If you ever have to face the wrath of anyone, in any way, then do not say anything to him, so he was angry. Accordingly understand his emotions, try to keep things cool.
To rage in two hours five times the risk of stroke or heart attack increases. If you have a problem with high blood pressure, check your blood pressure under control if there is anger.
Many people can not suppress anger. If you can not express the anger that Facebook would be shaken. It never should be. Privacy, but it is a waste of your life.
Without feeling down, screaming or talking to disclose Many. However, in the case of feeling happy or sad, but in anger, but the result may be counterproductive. The situation may be more complicated. Do not spend five minutes with his anger.
Run with full attention while driving. This could lead to serious risks if they are angry at the time. Cars do not go out of the house and never angry. When there is no control over your own, do not have control of the vehicle wheel

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