Such satakahanera thousand-year-old city on the Nile

 নীল নদে মিলল হারানো ২ শহরের নিদর্শন!

From the Nile in Egypt thousands of years ago, was a sign of the destruction of the two cities. Herakleina and several sculptures kyanopasera the city has lost. Reclaimed sculptures will be on display at the British Museum said. Sculpture 10 feet of sediment down the river chilanila multiple sculpture, gold, hayaroglophika script has been recovered. A six-foot tall hayaroglophika inscriptions. The inscription is carved pharaoh nekatanebura royal proclamation. Hapira 5.4-meter statue was found in an Egyptian god of the flood.

Thousand years ago, there was a possibility of getting back to the womb of losing the resources is very low. According to the history of the city of Alexandria in Egypt before kyanopasa herakleina and entrances. Two commercial nagarai was lost. In 1996, the city’s first underwater look to match. Divers from the bottom of the river for two decades tried to rescue resources. Evidence recovered from May 19 to November will be on display in the British Museum. Sanakena has been given the name of the exhibition Cities: Egypt Lost World.

England recovered the signs are borrowed from the Egyptian authorities. 300 signs will be in place, including exhibitions, most of Egypt’s Lost City. The similarities between the cultures of ancient Greece and Egypt exhibition that will be highlighted.
I and my team are happy that the diver Frank goddio water brought up from the bottom of our sculptures are displayed in the British Museum habetini added: “It took us a long time to do. Finally, we are in front of the ancient civilization to the world and to highlight our mugdhatake realize.

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