China pharabidena city heard the name. The former kings that were too big for the size of China’s former palace is called pharabidena City! The palace was forbidden to the public at one time. Because of the large size compared to other cities, but it is.

A recent archaeological survey has surprised everyone. According to the excavation work that lies below the city pharabidena another archaeological city. Gharadorera-year-old structure of many archaeologists and experts have been claimed.
Mongol Yuan Dynasty imperial city, epitomized the first time there. After the Yuan Dynasty, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty capital in Beijing honku Take nanakinye yuan and ordered to burn down the palace. But his son, the emperor ordered the construction of the palace in the capital, and brought back to Beijing in the lead.
Pharabidena City Ming and Qing was a residence of kings. Since 1368, which was built in 1911. According to experts, the experts found that the other side of the floor of the palace is believed to have been built during the Yuan dynasty rule. In other words, it was built between 1271 since 1368.

In all, China is now high tension between archaeologists. The newly discovered archaeological archeology emits a speech to the ground structure and evolution of the structure of the palace can be traced to the Chinese habepharabidena City 0, 7 million square meters, or 78 million square feet of wall built across an area surrounded by a vast world. 980 in the palace buildings and gardens, sculptures, pond and the courtyard. Since 1406, some structures were built in 1420 during the pharabidena City. Pharabidena City was China’s emperors for five hundred years, accommodation and administrative capacity during the Yuan Dynasty kendracinera pharabidena placed the foundation stone of the city’s original facilities were built in the Ming Dynasty and the chim. No one can enter the area without the permission of the emperor could not or would not leave his name pharabidena City.
Pharabidena City is now banned. The Palace Museum is now. Built during the Ming Dynasty porcelain beautiful patterns is an art. Gold, silver, jade, including a variety of art materials to create precious Ratna, karukaryamaya Chinese silk dress, the Palace Museum is now rare handiwork. In addition, the Tang and Song dynasties Here’s all valuable art collection. There are 50 thousand paintings.
Construction work began in 1406 pharabidena City. Over the years, more than 15 million workers in the construction of the palace. Southwest China’s precious forests are brought to the timber and marble and stone phobe known, was decorated with a huge chunk of all the different rooms of the palace. It was made all the remarkable sculptures. Prasadakaksera golden brick floors are made of. 14 Ming Dynasty emperors and dynasties, 10 emperors chim pharabidena City buses and ruled the country from the whole China.
Pharabidena City is now open for the tourists and the tourist center. The ancient and medieval China is a symbol of civilization paintings pharabidena City. Pharabidena the opposite side of the complex is the heart of Beijing City, Thein anamena entering the main gate or the arcade. The arcade is so large that it seems to be a distinct palace.
Pharabidena City Meridian Gate and the Gate of Divine entry in the toranagulora mites, gloriyasa West Gate, East Gate and the Gate of Supreme Harmony gloriyasa particularly famous. The whole area is surrounded by 7.9-meter-high wall pharabidena City. Pharabidena City is mainly divided into two parts. The inner side of the court facing the palaces palaces known as the indoor court.
Before the court, and indoor court to hold the festival palaces of the royal family accommodation and general administrative activities was used to. Harmony Square is located in front of the supreme court of the palace. The building has three large halls or court rooms. The names of the halls of the Supreme Harmony and the Harmony Central Harmony and prisarabhim.
Of Supreme Harmony is the greatest. Floors, walls and ceiling decorations have a wonderful surprise and fascinate tourists. The inauguration ceremony of the emperor. During the reign of the Ming dynasty and the chim here only on special occasions, such as weddings and special courts organized by the emperor and the royal family was making his debut. Other Halls court took place on a regular basis. However, the most spectacular of the three when it was the seat of the throne of the Supreme Harmony Hall.
The front court is in the south-west and south-east of Eminence and Literary Glory of the military. The first is understood ministers and military officials from the name of the court took place. Scholars lecture was the second in the state. Here is the residence of the prince’s palace for the Ming court, and chim and other prasadaandara dynasty emperor and his family members were home. Karukarye impressed and surprised the audience feels the court indoor palaces of China’s emperors naipunyake unsurpassed richness and extraordinary artists.
There are indoor sculpture court and decorate the garden pond. Nidarsanaprthibira luxury and exquisite beauty of the art and the numerous tourists from around the city came pharabidena day. Historical importance and industrial patterns, resources and beauty of the earth from the pharabidena City is one of the most beautiful man-made structures.
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