Jamaat-e-Islami chief Nizami war crimes against humanity has begun preparations for the execution of the prison authorities.

Upon her Sunday night at 11 pm as part of the prison have been brought to the Dhaka Central Jail.

A senior official of the Dhaka Central Jail yugantarake confirmed.

Nizami review before the appeal was dismissed but now has a chance to clemency to the President. However, he does not want clemency on behalf of the family has been indicated.

After the judgment of the Appellate Review Nizami anusthanikabhake now ask him about the prison authorities mercy. According to the mercy rule does not apply to the execution of the process will be finalized.

On Thursday, the day after the verdict dismissed and Nizami reviews 10 relatives to meet with his wife and children when Nizami rejected clemency requests.

Earlier intellectual convicted for crimes against humanity, including the killing of 014 Nizami sentenced to death on October 9 International Crimes Tribunal-1.

The tribunal rejected the verdict and appealed the acquittal, he filed an appeal on November 3 of that year, Nizami. The January 6 Nizami appeal upheld the death sentence.

Source Online News