It is being called the world’s greatest secret.

  মরুভূমির মাঝে চলছে গুগলের কর্মযজ্ঞ

It is being called the world’s greatest secret. I do not want to tell anyone the secret of which Google. Yes, not anyone. New Mexico 15 thousand square feet large gabesanagarata spesaporte galakatika spaceflight program was created for Verdi. New Mexico desert, the secret is in the midst of this task.
Scientists are working on the world’s best IT experts. However, the whole project, and know that the real purpose of Google just a few of the top executives. Google’s secret project name skaibendara destarta. Many drone, with a large radio transmitter to a big laboratory. The study’s cost for a thousand dollars per day. The project will be completed in 2018. Kept secret until the whole project has taken the initiative in all kinds of Google. Have been taken to help the world’s major intelligence agencies.
Activity is now implies. But what is there? It was only the high voltage power, such as night-vision cameras, there are some things to be used.
But, otukui. I do not understand anything. It is claimed that the laboratory results can be obtained from, and within a year, will change the concept of the Internet. Google, however, speak knots. What, why, when will it be! This is the question of the prohibition of these projects.