Jamaat-Shibir activists took part in the New York Times

 জামায়াত-শিবিরের পক্ষ নিল নিউইয়র্ক টাইমস!

In recent years more than 0 bloggers, writers, publishers, academics and political activists of murder on May 8, the New York Times published an editorial. “Decent Into banladesasa lalesanesa ‘the’ Bangladesh has fallen anarchy” in the words of an editorial titled 39 Islamic extremist Sheikh Hasina’s government has been urged to crack down hard. In addition, the Jamaat-Shibir men of war killers are complaining or speaking the language, the same word was used in an editorial. According to the ruling government for political advantage has targeted leaders of Jamaat-e-Islam.
According to the Times editorial, “more than 013 Bangladeshis have been killed since Islamic extremists to 0. Some of them were slaughtered. The first was killed by a blogger who had criticized Islamic fundamentalists. The two foreigners were killed. One of the Italian and the other Japanese. Then last month, 9 days after 5 people were hacked to death.
“The government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ruling Awami League and main opposition BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami is being partly responsible for such killings.”
Editorial noted, “and the opposition parties to boycott the elections in 014 conflict between the Prime Minister and his team have won.”
Sampadiyate has been called “the war of liberation war against the killers standing trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the 010 have been formed, it has now become an instrument of political power by the government, Jamaat-e-Islami leaders are being targeted. As well as extra-judicial killings, torture, abductions events of the rule of law has been destroyed people’s trust. ”
Editorial further commented, “However, Sheikh Hasina’s government has been threatening the media and freedom of speech. Last month, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemned the bloggers, our beloved one, or any other type of religion, but it will not be tolerated in any way. ”
Editorial noted: “All this is inciting ugrapanthake. Riot, neutral organization working to prevent conflict, “the International Crisis Group has already warned that such acts and to prevent terrorists under arrest and being questioned and handed over to the government and the criminals are getting more courage. Bangladesh Ansar al-Islam, an al Qaeda affiliate has claimed responsibility for the murder of law student Nizamuddin Samad. He was killed on April 6. Nikhil Chandra joyardarake claimed responsibility for killing a Hindu tailor Isis. He was killed on April 30. The government has always denied that the Prime Minister does not exist in Bangladesh, Isis. ”
As mentioned in an editorial, “Kerry said, julahaja Mannan, a gay activist, who used to work in the US Embassy in Dhaka, and he was killed on April 5. Was hacked to death with one of his friends, who were shocked at the cruelty of the people of Bangladesh, Bangladesh has a tradition of moderation, peace, and people of different religions to live together. Kerry says the United States wants to support the full investigation of the murder of the country has to offer. Sheikh Hasina’s government to support this should be welcomed. Just a few terrorists have been brought to trial. Thus was created an environment of impunity. There are those who fear becoming a victim of such killings, the government must take action to protect them. Restoration of democratic freedoms and the rule of law must be to restore confidence in the government. ”
“If the government fails, the country will be pushed faces chaos,” he commented in an editorial.
The prestigious newspapers like the New York Times editorial on the study of the expatriate Bangladeshis reacted adversely.
The Parliament of the United States, the United States Bangabandhu Parishad, the US Committee for Democratic and Secular Bangladesh, seventy Genocide, the US fighter yubakamandera leaders criticized this editorial, a recent writer, journalist, teacher, publisher and blogger killing large events, war is the continuation of barbaratarai. They are enemies of Islam and argues that the participants in the liberation war killings, rape and torched houses. They are imbued with the spirit of the Liberation War is still the name of religion and secular building in Bangladesh those who perform public soccarera being hacked to death.
The leaders pointed out, to oppose war trial of the killers of the New York Times showed assumption basically siding with Jamaat-Shibir. The Times’ role in the war had been in favor of freedom of the Bengalis. The savagery of the Times reports. Why confused with the political turn of the barbarism that is being driven there