Rosio station in Lisbon, Portugal, was introduced in 1890. Decided to establish a historic statue outside. Sibasatiyaoke Dom was chosen. From 1557 until 1578 he was the ruler of the kings of Portugal. At the door of the station’s decision to hold a high place is to build the statue. Selaphi went to the 126-year-old man broke murtitii.
Police janayechena 4-year-old young man standing next to the statue went to selaphi. But it hit the statue broke. The suddenness of the attack was the first kind. Understand the importance of the issue to escape from the scene when the police detained him.

The statue will be repaired and returned to his own place, but do not do anything about it now, but this incident has severely disturbed Lisbon administration. Lisabanai not only the loss of the knowledge of good and evil at home and abroad to selaphi nayase this is the first example of the government and the administration of all these things in mind selaphike face is considered a violation of public security. So the steps are being taken. However, the situation did not change that has shown the finger in the eye of the statue of Dom go sibasatiyaora pieces.

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