This is a question a lot of people at some point in life became. The crisis at the moment is to come to a decision. But that decide how much it is? Ego is still being made of the picture. The ego is like a joke picture showed another dimension.
As the agreement or whether to pull the heart of all human individual. Due to the small individual differences between people from the two major factions to sustain the love hayaekadike a flurry of compromises on the one hand and self-esteem. But most of the problems regarding the relationship tanaporenai. In such circumstances it is very difficult to take the decision. Many times people make better decisions had thought.
Ask yourself this: How many such complex circumstances. Solution will be found.
(1) that he was in love with the person as a human being, how honest and good heart? No compromise with evil and ugly human mind than having a separate prefer to maintain self-esteem.
(Ii) the basis of two love how the body and mind, how much? If a physical cause for the love tanai love will not last long anyway.
(3) How much do you own ego-driven people? Love of one’s ego, which is a kind of poison the relationship between the other destroys. This is a mistake a lot of people igokei self-esteem.
(4) Do you respect your partner? Love is unsustainable without mutual respect. Every man should have a minimum of respect and human relations, or it is not.
(5) your partner / partner is suspicious? They usually suffer are those petty unnecessary suspicion. It should be a kind of psychological problem and the treatment of the problem with the means to make compromises to keep alive.
(6) Are you proud of your partner? Despite multiple defects which have some qualities in your partner that you feel proud. However, you know the relationship is not as bad stage paumchaka possible to come out.
(7) Do you think the boyfriend is not the personal property of another lover? If you disagree with your partner about this, no matter if the love relationship tibrai as a time to be bitter.

The text highlights the lifestyle.