Nizami’s execution

  নিজামীর ফাঁসি কার্যকর

By hanging for crimes against humanity committed during the Liberation War notorious Al-Badr chief Nizami has been executed.

Four decades ago, its planning, direction and implementation of the blueprint for the killing of intellectuals led by Al-Badr. Pranadandai the Supreme Court ruled that the sentence might be.

Azam’s successor as party Jamaat-e-Islami opposed Bangladesh’s independence nijamii 000 since the March 73 anniversary of the asachilenagata this war criminal.

Bausagari district of the Pakistani army, demra and glamorous villages and killed nearly 400 raped women 30-40; Pabna dhulauri village men, women and children were killed and 5 people were found guilty of the horrific genocide planned intellectual Nizami has remorse for his actions before his death.

Through the history of the war crimes charges, is the fifth person sentenced to the maximum sentence. He served as a minister in the government of this country is the third person to be sentenced to the gallows.