Crime is crime, which is usually in English as we know it is unlawful for any person in any job. To maintain peace and order in the country or region of that activity is contrary to the law made the crime or offense is considered. Both the type of crime can be severe or mild. As a result, people in prison, a fine or imprisonment or both offense preranasaha death penalty, or may be provided in some cases. Or that are related to the crime or crimes have been identified as the culprit. Thanasaha police or law enforcement agencies as well as to control crime detective said. According to the criminal court to judge the seriousness of the crime and the appropriate punishment if his majesty.

Usually associated with evil crimes in the service of the person concerned. You can bring your own connection with the crime, but ordinary people. Conversely, according to the laws of the United States does not believe that such a creature could be linked to the crime for any person to any other person or society in accordance with the concept of nasadharana srstikalpe problem is that the criminal act. Murder as a crime any person, injuries, theft, robbery, banditry, terrorism, rape, fraud, money laundering, etc., which are all the civilized countries of the world recognized as punishable. In addition, heroin, cocaine, drinking and enjoying the Gaza Strip are forbidden to perform the functions of crimes against society under khaoyasaha flesh.

The origin of our crime
He said crime in Latin emerging English Synonyms Crime sarno is called. This means that I decided I dibakichu conviction aparadharupe participation in religion is evil deed. Taking the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve gandharbajatiya Satan is considered to be a true sin. As a group, or war or conflict is a state crime. When dawn broke the law, made some of the modern civilization hayechebikhyata sociologist Richard kuini mentioned the relationship between society and crime. He said crime are a reflection of socialization. This he is primarily involved in the crime context and the social ideals of justice and dedication of the people on both sides to consider raising upaladdhibodha said.

Some types of crimes
Minor offense, a fine not exceeding one year or a fine that could be sent to prison or be sent thakegurutara crime usually over a year, ranging from life imprisonment to be followed for the crimes of their content hayaaneka countries, the size of the nature, level in terms of areas of the law have been enacted. One of the country’s laws, may not be useful for other countries. Here, in the context of religious and controversial issues are quickly enacted. The use of helmets by motorcycle or car driver causes an accident resulting from the use of mobile phones has been enacted to ensure the safety of passengers or the web page to create a song for the film humakisbarupabai true author of contexts, the manufacturer is anumatibihina state, but under the Copyright Act is regarded as a crime. In addition, illegal drugs and banned the production, preparation, carrying or selling it is a crime under the law of the country concerned will be considered.

Bidhanah punishment
Most countries in the world expert in the interest of law and order, the police force has been trained. The army closed the main object or suppress crime and bring criminals to justice under the law of the process to be completed. There are regulations that have yet to arrest anyone doubt. Cross-examination of the arrested person, the necessary information is pulled out of the roots of crime. Honourable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s decision on the basis of data required evidence that the person guilty of an offense if the person does not know if he was sent to prison for a certain period of time, including penalties, or may be. Khalasa otherwise provided acquitted. Widespread and serious the crime is life imprisonment or phamsikasthe jhomlano. Was sentenced to life imprisonment instead of death in developed countries.