Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, where it is trapped among the dead after the most tragic image.

The people behind the masks, and masks in different somehow.

Vancouver during the Memorial Service

The day before the wedding with her husband dead.

A student teacher gurudaksina funeral.


It’s 1958, a zoo Photo Belgian crowd of people watching a child in Africa.

Sudhara bhagara burn a child is eating up food.

Mother in front of his children crying from hunger. But the helpless mother.

Bring water shoes makes you feel thirst thirsty child.

Young is not the purpose of the Creator of the kids raised their hands at the sky. Only a handful of searching for food.

How helpless man’s clothing does not look upon them eraoto people.

The child’s drum die of hunger pain is the cry of the child and her mother.

What do you think ruby diamond gems to hand trying not to make a mistake in your ideas. This is to get your hands trying to eat a handful. Diamond and ruby gems to hungry people than a handful of food prices.

The images and the data has been written

Ban conscience of the world, such as the demolition of some of the pictures of the heart. (Photo Blog)