Kama, the Hindu god of love. These are the names of his other ragabrnta shoot love, cupid or desire to incorporate and Kandarpa and caused debaganerao, manmatha mind stirrer, Manasija born out of the mind, is called in Sanskrit Sm manasah varieties, Madan intoxicate, ratikanta, ratira spouse, puspabana, puspadhanba puspabanadhari, and lust or the desire of the Quran. Cupid was the son of Hindu goddess Sri. He was the son of Krishna, an incarnation of arekadike pradyumnera. His wife, the goddess of sexuality aspirations. Vaishnavites feel like Krishna’s spiritual entities. Kama is a Sanskrit word meaning divine love, or the god of love. Come to think of other words that entity. I swear word or deed divine word literally means to love or sexual desire or sexual desire, especially in the case of filling of the Quran entitled.

Kamyadeba god Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Kama another name. Sometimes the term is used as a name of Shiva and debada Madan. The name of the author of the Sanskrit texts padyata karanao Kama penance. On the other hand, sometimes the term Kama Krishna Krishna, another name is used as the title. Fire up the name. Come yaunakanksa not just in the sense of the Atharvaveda, but mangalakanksa has been used all over the world. Imagine that one Kamadeva yubakarupe paksadhari handsome. Note: For Kamadeva nose, thighs, waist and legs and curly blue locks subrtta. Its vast bust. His eyes, ruddy face, feet and nails. Bakul on the scent. Capricorn’s vehicle dhanurbana her hands. Iksunirmita his bow, and the bow is made with quality bees. Five kinds of fragrant puspanirmita its shaft. The flowers are five such Ashok, white and blue lotus flowers, Mallika and amramanjari.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India is now a museum is housed in ancient terracotta statues Kama. Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda Images and stories about all the various verse forms are available from the Kama. Although a variety of primary and secondary mythology, described his more familiar stories. Kamadeva birth is described in different ways in different mythology. Some accounts say that he was born from the mind of Brahma the Creator. He is the son of Sri anyanyamate. Sometimes Cupid was portrayed as a god Indra being completely at the service. Mrnalayata bahuyukta cycle of copulation and padmadharini. Kama was a minor character in many traditional dramas involving copulation. Some attribute his love of the gods. Kamadeva always accompany the goddess of spring. He was a sigh of frustration derived from the ratira is desire.

Cupid has participated in several mythological war. As a warrior, he needs troops of soldiers. According to Vishnu and Krishna matsyapurana Kamadeva have a historical relationship. Krishna is sometimes worshiped as Kamadeva Gaudiya traditions. Krishna Gaudiya Vaishnavism was burned down by Shiva became part of the Kama Krishna Vasudeva. Cupid demigod, who is as heavenly plant capable of inducing sexual desire. Kama rukminira born as Krishna’s wife was named Pradyumna. However, some feel that this is not Pradyumna Vishnu class. So her biology class originated from the Vaisnavas. Although upadebatarupe own special power, and he became comprising Vishnu form Pradyumna. According to Shiva, Kama saragosbamidera anger within the body of Vasudeva, was burnt down. He was born in the womb of rukminira. For this reason, it is believed he was born as Krishna through the skin because of its appearance and qualities of Krishna there. His companions are a cuckoo became a parrot, humming bees, and the gentle breeze of the spring season. All of these are symbols of spring. Or the spring festival of Holi Kamadeva holika.

Sibapurana the son of Brahma, the creator of Cupid. According to other sources, including the brother of Skanda Purana Kama bring both of them sons Shatarupa, a creation of Brahma. Later interpolations that he was the son of Vishnu. All sources agree, however, that he ratike mothers and married the daughter of Daksha. Kamadebata Roman mythology. Venous son of the goddess of love. In Greek mythology Eros his name.
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The ancient Sanskrit literature written by the Indian scholar Vatsyayana mallanaga human sexual connection with a documentary of the Kama Sutra book. The basic idea of the book is a section practical advice regarding sexuality. The book is written in prose, written in rhyme anustupa but it has been included in many padyansa. Sensual lust or sexual pleasure, while the meaning of the word, literally meaning the formula is formulated yarn or multiple objects. Kama Sutra book form so that the meaning of this joint recommendation. This applies to women has stated that sixty-four arts. Kama Sutra is the oldest and most important book kamasastra genres. According to Hindu belief in Lord Shiva, Nandi kamasastrera adiracayita porter. He pronounced Shiva and his wife Parvati ramanakale was fascinated to hear the word. After leaving the words for the benefit of mankind. Who do you think historians John Kama Sutra is a manual in the second century AD, which was compiled from various racanasutra gained its current form. Mallanaga Vatsyayana Kama Sutra, written in the book of verse 7, 1250 is divided into a total of 36 chapters.
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  1. Sadharanatama (Introduction)
    Sastrasangraha (book material regarding adhyayasamuha), tribargapratipatti (the three goals), bidyasamuddesa (knowledge), nagarakabrttama (civilized citizen’s behavior), nayakasahayadutikarmabimarsa (the hero with the help of dautyakarma section) (Chapter 5)
    II. Samprayogikama (sexual intercourse)
    Pramanakalabhabebhayo engaged abasthapanama (seeks uddiptakarana), alinganabikara (strain), cumbanabikalpasa (Kiss), caress, dasanacchedyabihayo (sting), sambesanaprakarascitararatani (stripurusera sexual intercourse), prahananaprayogasa tadyuktasa sitkrtakrama (sitkaradi), purusopasrpatani purusayitama (women’s masculine behavior), auparistakama (oral sexual), who were engaged in the beginning abasanikama pranayakalahasca (amorous sport statements) (Chapter 10)
  2. Kanyasamprayuktakama (patnilabha)
    Barnasambidhanama sambandhaniscaya f (of the wedding), kanyabisrambhanama (performing in wife), balayama upakrama ingitakarasucanama f (patnilabha), ekapurusabhiyoga (single management), knitting by marriage (5 chapters)
  3. Bharyadhikarikama (about spouse)
    Ekacarinibrttama prabasacarya f (relating to one spouse), the chief of the spouse and the other spouse (section II)
  4. Paradarikama (the other spouse)
    Stripurusasilabasthapanama byabartanakaranani strisu Siddha purusa ayatnasadhya yosita (in men and women), paricayakaranaya complaint (to be known), bhabapariksa (bhabapariksa performing), dutikarmani (Mission), isbarakamitama (rajasukha), antahpurikam dararaksitakama (inside) (Chapter 6)
  5. Baisikama (mistress)
    Sahayagamyagamyacinta gamanakaranam gamyopabartanama (select sweetheart advice), kantanubrttama (permanent search paramour), arthagamopaya biraktalingani biraktapratipattira niskasanakrama (money), bisirnapratisandhanama (old sweetheart with a re-bandhutbakarana), labhabisesa (in profits), arthanarthanubandhasansayabicara besyabisesasca (profit and loss) (6 Chapter )

  6. Aupanisadikama (Conquest)
    Subhagankaranama basikaranama brsyasca yoga (physical attraction of performing), nastaragapratyanayanama brddhibidhayascaritasca yoga (reduced sexual re-increase) (section II)
    Some Indian philosopher named the worthiest said the four objectives: (1) Religion: Religious Life (ii) means of financial prosperity, (3) Kama: Aesthetic and receive sexual pleasure, and (4) moksha: spiritual liberation. Religion, the meaning of life and work. But salvation from the cycle of birth and rebirth released. Religious texts written Kama Sutra is better than money, the money is better than Kama. But the meaning of life should be the first objective. It will simply be because people live. Once again, they come besyadigera uparjanapatha and select fusion under him than the other two. This general rule byataya.

Kama Sutra is the highest in the first three goals of the religion. The latter is necessary for the safety and happiness last. Purposes in the event of a dispute should follow best intentions. So apostasy for money or money means happiness should not be ignored. However, there are exceptions.
According to one person who was still a child should be taught ways to make money batsyayanera. Time to enjoy the joy of youth. If you have spent years concentrating on his religious activities should think moksalabhera way. Gautama Buddha taught a Kama Sutra. This is the first reference book is available atthakabagga. This Kama Sutra, however, is completely different in nature. Here’s how frightening it can be to search for the Buddha taught sensuality. Many Western scholars believe kamasutrake tantric sexuality textbook. In fact, it was wrong. Hindu ritual tantric tradition of the Kama Sutra book, but it is not widely applied to sexual behavior. Tantric practicing religious mentioned here.

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