Each man has another life after death. And the man himself or jbalanato and true, and I, we are ourselves.
Many of us have to look a lot less sleep. Many of them do not have to sleep at night, eat, sleep medicine is the same as the rules come abara many sleep. Let’s discuss these issues in detail in the next paragraph, however, we should all keep in mind is the creation of the rules and regulations of the hyandilim However, this rule is also an owner of the causes, he became the head of M God have mercy.
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When he went to sleep, the body becomes unconscious. But the heart of the spirit of our country abroad, including entities and many countries around the berai.
Write your ideas in our dreams or visions of the country’s right, yes, I am talking about.
Paul kharapi murder of all kinds, including even dream that we work much worse.
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From the rich and the poor became rich from the poor.
Many of them are ordinary people can save the country from real life while sleeping, the king became a minister.