Bangladesh Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong,

বিমানের দরজা ভাঙায় ফ্লাইট বাতিল
Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong, Bangladesh Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight had been canceled. Saturday 8am to leave the plane before the flight was canceled when stuck in the door down.
Airport Immigration Police Assistant Commissioner Palash Kanti Nath, BG-123 flight of the Boeing 315 passenger plane was supposed to go to Muscat, Oman. But before boarding the aircraft leaving the bridge broke down the door with a stick. As a result, the plane could not leave. However, all the passengers had come down safely.

One thought on “Bangladesh Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong,

  1. We had arrived there on 5th of April 2016 around 9AM. The Airport is in bad condition.
    The airport toilets are very dirty. You feel to vomit in the toilet area. Flies are all around. The passport control representatives are very cruel. They do not treat people like human. The custom officers are disaster.
    I felt they are assigned to make people scared to take their goods or money as majority numbers of people are coming from Middle East and working as a labor. People are treated as pest. I saw many people were begging to give their cigarette cartoons as it is taken by the custom officers.
    Alcoholic drinks are taken out and explanation was given that alcohol is prohibited in the country. It is treated as smuggling product. Explained was given by the highest authority of the shift who was sitting in the office.
    However, during my vacation I found that many things are available in the country on home delivery basis. From the curiosity, I have watched few documentaries on you tube videos posted by the famous local tv channels and was shocked to see the result. I have complained about a lady custom officer for her rude behavior, the senior officer answered me that she has started working from 4am and she is tried.
    The most hilarious experience was on the departure. We couldn’t seat in the restaurant areas because of flies. Thousands of flies are there. The funniest thing was, a bird was flying close the lounge.
    Anyway, people do not keep many things is mind for long if they are treated as human. The officers should be treating everyone as a guest.


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