UN concerned about the situation in Bangladesh

জাতিসঙ্ঘ মহাসচিব বান কি মুনের মুখপাত্র স্টিফেন ডোজারিক
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The United Nations has expressed deep concern over the deteriorating security situation. The UN’s regular briefing on Friday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke of Bangladesh untoward situation dojarika spokesman Stephen. Mannan julahasa murder bloggers, bicarabahibhuta killings, journalist Shafiq rehamana Shawkat Mahmud, who tortured, hanged, Turkey recalled its ambassador from Bangladesh, etc. The briefing comes up.

A journalist Stephen dojarikake question, the New York Times on Sunday, impunity prevails in the country, “an editorial published sironome. You know, the editor of the country’s gay murder julahaja Mannan, blogger murder, extrajudicial killings and the harassment continues. Specifically speaking, the 8-year-old editor and president of the Union of Journalists jailed. All of this country now. What is the role of the United Nations to protect the country from impunity?

The spokesman said in response to questions, the UN Secretary-General on violence against journalists and bloggers, including many human rights organizations expressed their concern over the situation. Moreover, we have also seen recently that the death penalty. We would like to see the government create the conditions so that our journalists can work freely.

Another question dojarikake journalist, told media that the recent mrtyudandadesake injustice Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador from Bangladesh. What is your comment on this?

The spokesman said it was an internal matter of Bangladesh and Turkey.