Dear brothers and sisters blogger to blog the first blog is actually what we need to know?
The use of blogs and blogs written and read blogs and blog what conditions the rules? Blog of the fittest and the most important is a place for free expression. And freedom of speech and of the war, and a good place. If you do not misunderstand sari
Fight for freedom of speech to tell you agneasra hook with an ax or a machete stands with a pistol gun battle killing nine people blagera lejura from the phebuka
A writer without knowing the details of her death
Something that freedom of speech does not mean war.
Blog is not supported, but never evil.
So please refrain from killing each other in the name of religion, let’s see how much power is pen and computer keyboards and intellect? Let’s test it.
I challenge anyone to show us if there is any religion that religion is murder and murder is no written support to the desired page.
And if you can show that religion does not challenge the murder murder murder murder, why you support or do not like the jaganya bad thing. So guys like to kill off the sin and crime. Keep one blogger to another blogger’s hands. Stretch your hand towards each other support.
I need to keep in mind on your way clear to us that we are not slaves, but of politics. We have no political party or any individual did not apply in writing for the blog. And to support the good work that we nations emsechi blog. So for the nation and for the unity of the country stagnant for the next generations lekhi blog.
Freedom of speech is to express your wishes.
Bhulatrutigulo to the society.
The basic principle is to publish his own books.
You can grow ganasacetana blog madame.
Politics and birudhi uphold the prasasanadera bhulatrutigulora solution.
This does not mean you have someone to talk with the thrust of the blog. This does not mean writing one blog, so it’s good to bad or bad, tasteless spoken to her cheek. A blog is useful to plot your intellectual insight.
So let’s all put together like a blog environment. And keep away from the blog aslina environment.