Bangladesh Rajshahi University Professor of English. AFM Rezaul Karim Hassan Saqib Siddiqui alias Abdullah masakaoyata confessional statement, one of the accused, the court said.

On Monday (May 16) at Rajshahi Metropolitan Magistrate Court issued the statement. Commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police confirmed. Shamsuddin.

According to the police commissioner, the accused confessed to the killings in Ink statement given to the court under section 164. Although his name but he did not confirm the identity. On Tuesday (17 May) at the press conference will be held at 1 pm, police said. The police commissioner said the details would be announced later.

Assistant Commissioner of Police banlameilake Rajpara iphatekhayera Alam said, masakaoyata Abdulla Hassan Saqib alias name of the accused in the BMW on Sunday (15 May) have been arrested. Shibganj at her home in Bogra.

Iphatekhayera Alam said, Initially, we came to know that he JMB (Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh) members.

In fact, last April 3 in the morning at 7 am, Rajshahi Shalbagan 100 yards from his home university professor. AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiqui, was hacked to death. Rajshahi bagamarara daragamariraya village. There is a music school. He was not involved in politics. He was a cultured personality.

Police suspect the killing type, militant group may have been involved in the killings. Madhyapracyabhittika IS A group that claimed responsibility for killing the same day that the news of the terrorist threat to the monitoring website. On Monday, the city filed a murder case with Boalia Police Station in this connection, the son of a teacher Riasat Imtiaz fragrance. The police detective in charge of the investigation said.