As part of a conspiracy to topple the current government have been meeting in London Tarique Rahman Safadi has claimed that with the Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif.

On Monday (May 16) evening in the city’s Mirpur area of Dhaka City Awami League President and General Secretary of ganasambardhana claimed at a rally marking.

Hanif said the opposition of the international terrorists who have started a new conspiracy. Aslam’s Mossad conspiracy with his secretary was exposed. And Mr. Fakhrul said, “it’s a personal matter, it is the responsibility of the team.” Mr. Fakhrul ask, What’s Mossad came to be such a private matter? Our diplomatic and business has nothing to do with Israel. They have nothing to do with the whole Muslim world, they are enemies across the Muslim world. What is your relationship with the leader of the Mossad? And you have no liability to you balabena, such a statement is not acceptable to the people. “

The AL joint general secretary said, “Fakhrul blame on Mr. Aslam thought would survive, it will not be possible. Meanwhile, Israeli mosadi magazine interview, said: “The Brotherhood has ruled. The oppressed people of other religions. He said the government will collapse, Mr. Rahman met with top leaders of the party. Mr. rahamanata Who? “

“Mr. secretary general, Mr. Tarique Rahman is rahamanata. Tarique Rahman in London after a meeting with him was plotting to overthrow the government. Consequently, India has been meeting with Safadi said .’- Hanif Aslam.

Hanif said, “do you think you will get away with the crime, he does not have a chance. Earlier, after meeting with Tareq Rahman Abu Dhabi terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Mr. Fakhrul had said it was a personal matter. But there is no chance to get away. “

“Law enforcers took Aslam. I believe that they are questioning the party’s top leaders involved in the conspiracy will find them. “

“The killing of foreigners they (BNP) thought the government could fall. But it did not happen. BNP-Jamaat terrorists continue after the assassination of intellectuals and pro-liberation forces and the forces of Section kill people. Yet they failed. Because of the strength of our people, the people fear the government’s deep. “

Dena also spoke at the rally of the Awami League leader Abdur Razzak, Col (retd.) Faruk Khan, south of Dhaka City AL general secretary Shahe Alam Murad, general secretary of the north and the local MP Ilias Molla Sadeq Khan, among others.

The Israeli foreign policy and diplomacy, research firm Centre for International Diplomacy and Public Relations has been working as head of menadi Safadi. Safadi is not, however, the Israeli intelligence agency to spy on mosadara Indian sources claim that the BBC report.