Bangladeshi leader of the Islamic State of Ramadan will be announced.

রমজানে আইএস-এর বাংলাদেশ প্রধানের নাম ঘোষণা !Bangladeshi leader of the Islamic State of Ramadan will be announced. US research institutions Study of War in the war, the report said. Earlier, the leader of the Front, said Bangladesh was a man named Abu Ibrahim.

Study of War or aiesadabliu the report is that, in the coming month of Ramadan, which will be announced in the June 6 to July 5 aiesabi chief or the name of the Islamic State of Bangladesh.

With the so-called Islamic State, or IS Month of Ramadan will begin their new campaign. Historically, the Muslim territories of the campaigns in North Africa and South-East Asia, Bangladesh ‘target’ was.

Earlier in April, known as the mouthpiece of the Islamic State “dabika” magazine in the latest issue of the ISO’s new ‘front’ is opening. According to Bangladesh at the moment is in charge of managing IS A man named Abu Ibrahim.

However, the next Ramadan, his name will be announced as the new leader of aiesabi whether aiesadabliu source.

Last September, the secular writer, publisher and blogger confession of responsibility for the killings IS news is heard. The Bangladesh government or the ISO-one has denied the existence of the Islamic State.

The security analyst Major General Abdul Rashid (retd.) Deutsche bheleke said two ISO-country analysis of the evidence does not match upisthitira. First, the terrorist attacks of that, it does not extend to the purpose of the Global Jihad. Secondly, the presence of organizational analysis found that, among those who are diagnosed to have a member of Jamaat’s student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir. In addition to the new militants. This means that the indigenous militants. ” He said, ” there are political motives behind the terrorist activities. ”

However, Gen. Rashid’s words, ‘We must be careful. The militants changed their position and strategy. May follow the ideals of the Islamic State. However, their presence can not be proved. ‘