exceeds Rs 1 lakh crore. According to the latest Bangladesh Bank, was classified until March 59 thousand 411 crore.

আওয়ামী লীগের ৮ বছরে খেলাপি ঋণ বেড়েছে ৬২ হাজার কোটি টাকাLoan exceeds Rs 1 lakh crore. According to the latest Bangladesh Bank, was classified until March 59 thousand 411 crore.

Just three months from January to March banking sector defaulted debt has increased by more than 8 crore.

After the realization of the possibility of default in the absence of the 41 thousand 237 crore has been writing off loans.

According to the information received from various banks and the Bangladesh Bank, March 59 thousand 411 crore loan to the banking sector. At the time, the banks are writing off 41 thousand 237 crore. The loan has a total of 1 million 648 crore. Abalopane banks, as well as the public sector and private sector banks are classified in the same row.

According to sources, the Bangladesh Bank, the country’s 56 banks are currently (end of March) the status of the loan disbursed stands at 5 million 98 thousand 901 crore, of which 015 were 5 million 84 thousand 615 crore in December. The amount of loans disbursed increased by three months from January to March, only 14 thousand 286 crore. But the increase in the amount of 8 thousand 40 crore.

In March last year, the amount was 54 thousand 657 crore, which is 10 percent to 47 percent of loans disbursed until that time. However, given the chance to punahtaphasilera loans defaulted loan balance decreased by 015 in December fell to 51 billion rupees, which was distributed at the time of the loan up to 79 percent to 8 percent. The status of the loan was disbursed at the end of year 5 million 014 thousand 837 crore 17. At that time, the amount was 50 thousand 155 crore, which is 9 percent to 69 percent of the loan disbursed.

According to Bangladesh Bank, at the end of March, the state-owned Sonali Bank, Rupali, leading, people, BASIC, and the amount of the bank stood at BDBL 7 thousand 89 crore, of which 4 represented 7 percent of loans distributed by banks in the sector. Specialized banks defaulted loans in the second position. The first quarter of this year, the state-owned Agricultural Development Bank and Rajshahi Krishi amount stood at 4 thousand 969 crore, which is 3 percent 4 percent of loans disbursed banks in the sector.

5 of 39 private banks, the amount stood at Rs 331 crore, which is 5 percent to 75 percent of the loans distributed in the sector. In addition, foreign banks amount of 9 1 thousand 822 crore, which is 51 percent of this sector banks to distribute loans to 7 percent.

Bangladesh Bank’s own account, as well as the publication of information on the International Monetary Fund, World Bank loans to various domestic and foreign institutions that information is classified, it’s just a regular defaulter rnakei is shown as default. Was kept hidden under the loan write off all the time. This means that the old evil of classified loan bank balance (balance sheet) dropped from the giving of ‘writing off debts is called. And if it is not paid after the loan is defaulted. In contrast to the banks, which are designed to keep the security reserve.

The Awami League government came to power in 009 when the banking sector was X amount of Rs 481 crore. And until that time, there were 15 thousand 667 crore debt to write off. In all, 38 thousand 148 crore were true defaulters. As of this year, the loan has increased by almost 8 6 thousand 500 crore. The growth rate of almost 164 percent. 15 crore out of the political decision has been restructured loan. The facility has a large Defaulters basically.

Salahuddin Ahmed, a former governor of Bangladesh Bank in this regard, banks are not lending at better monitoring and evaluation. Hall-Mark loan scam like the big issues in the sense that no legal action could be taken. For this reason, the country has created enthusiasm among rnakhelapidera. To pay back loans from state-owned banks is not a concept that has become prevalent in society. The impact of loan default on the country’s private banks are state-owned banks. As a result, the amount is increasing day by day. The overall economic development of the country will have a negative impact on banks.

Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled, former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank, the country’s loan for the huge amount of asanisanketa. However, the loan that exceeds 1 lakh crore, which is normal. Because, in the last few years, the debt has been paid, it will never recover. Chairman of the public sector banks have emadira the corruption. Private banks have been aggressive banking. Bangladesh Bank’s role is not updated. The central bank should be more stringent.