Kamasutrera that many of us do not know, maybe a few words.

কামসূত্রের যে দশটি কথা আপনি জানেন না (ভিডিও)

Many years ago, the Indian scholar of Sanskrit literature written by Vatsyayana mallanaga a documentary about human sexual Kama Sutra book. A part of the book is the subject of sexual themes and practical advice. It has a lot written in the rhythm padyansa the anustupa kamasutre. Sensual meaning of lust or sexual pleasure. The literal meaning of the word yarn or multiple sources to maintain their bojhaya formulated object. Kama Sutra yaunakaja the meaning of the book in the form of joint national recommendation. This applies to women, according to the sixty-four arts stated achehindu kamasastrera original author of Lord Shiva, Nandi porter. Shiva and his wife Parvati ramanakale he pronounced the word was enthralled. And for the benefit of mankind, he writes down the words. The researchers believe that people who itihasa a manual Kama Sutra in the second century AD, which was compiled from a variety of racanasutra, and received its current form.
Kamasutre 64 sexual gestures or sexual positions have been mentioned. He has eight ways the book is love. There are eight positions sexual love.

  1. Come desire Sanskrit word means. The formula means that the rules of sound. According to the sex desire, as well as music, reading, poetry, dance. Come and work in Bangladesh and India, once the word had no arthabheda. Arthasamparka any language still carries the sub-continent.
    II. Britain in 1883 after being sold 50 copies of the Kama Sutra books were banned. Since 1963 lifted the ban on the book. He is currently the all-time best-selling books on the list are the early days of the Kama Sutra book.
  2. Kama Sutra sexual positions have been mentioned in the book just 0 per cent. 80 per cent of the rest of the book is called How to be a good citizen. What is the relationship that is good for men and women.

4. The lover boy suffering from back pain of arthritis have been warning them not to try to position the book of Kama Sutra.
5. Created in 1996, the Kama Sutra A Tale Of Love kamasutrera first Indian film to release talabahana clearance is given. After the release of the movie in India was cut 14 clearance.
6. According to kamasutre bite and an easy way to increase the love of motherland. This has been suggested in this book to keep clean fingernails. Also been asked to keep teeth clean. According to the book The qualities of good nails are that they should be bright, well set, clean, entire, convex, soft, and glossy in appearance. The defects of teeth on the other hand are that they are blunt, protruding from the gums, rough, soft, large, or loosely set. 7. Tips for keeping kamasutre room was beautiful. According to a separate room from spitting pot should be beautiful, ivory stringed instruments should be hung, soft beds and clean the house and keep the flower pot.
8. Parastridera for mating with a separate chapter in this book has been kept. However, as has been said parapurusadera physical intercourse with married women can not or should love.
9. 40 kamasutre kiss were talking in different ways. The modes are divided into ten.
10kamasutre sexual stimulant Viagra has been mentioned. This book has been boiled egg with milk, butter and honey mixed with men playing the love life is a lot more colorful.
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