According to historians, the world is a huge part of Hindu culture was expanded. This refers to the pre-Islamic Hindu Indian culture. Vedic era and the culture of other civilizations in the world with hayapraka exchange of Vedic Indian culture, Indian culture during the Indus Valley Civilization is deeply related with other contemporary civilizations.
After many years of archaeological discovery of the mysterious title, which is something that comes up before there is no way.

Masakuitita researcher Charles Lindbergh claimed that he found in the jungle of the city.
According to the legend of the monkey god worshiped in one of the city’s residents. In 1940, an adventurer named Theodore morde be utilized Lindbergh campaigns in the region. At that time, a large monkey god statue found. After an investigative team at the University of Houston and several pyramid-shaped temple in the jungle, and the statue of the monkey god said. Sahati Central America, Honduras is the name of the defunct town of White City.

A group of researchers from a village in Russia bholaga Basin archaeologists found several Vishnu. According to the fifth power of their images from around the tenth century. But how was it that the images they fell conflict. And if at the same time a lot of questions about what happened in the region to develop the Indian civilization?

It is found in China, Gwangju region, a Hindu and Buddhist culture in China mandirera picture, but all of us know about the influence of Hindu culture, but one thing is mysterious. The Hindu religion is not one of the many stays in China.

The spread of Indian culture to Indonesia, all of us are more or less known. But how was the culture? What religion was jakartabasira old? Now the question is pending anakatai. The answer to this question is still whether
Unknown to everyone.

Vatican City is the heart of Christianity. With the formation of the City of gauripatta Many similarities with the formation of the lingam. But the interesting thing is still a controversial issue. Although some resemblance to the true form of the phallus.
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