986 in the West Berlin side of the wall art scene. From the east side of the wall of the “death strip”, which “luisenastada canal” curve (193 had been filled in) followed.
Berlin Wall
Berlin has become known in the history of the West Berlin and East Berlin as its boundary wall. West Germany and East Germany was for a boundary. And, since 1961, to August 13, 1989, the East Berlin from West Berlin to almost 8 years, and other parts of eastern Germany were separated. Matabeka he jumped over the wall to West Berlin during official figures 125 people lost their lives trying to go. As the number would be about 00 people in the private sector. According to newly released documents paksatyagakaridera communist government had ordered to shoot. Although the East German government had always denied about it.

But after November 9, 1989 the East German government decided to let him go to West Berlin. Thousands of people jumped over the wall on the west side eager to go. West side in a celebratory atmosphere are welcomed. Within a few weeks souvenir collectors tore down parts of the wall. The whole wall was officially evacuated. The opening of the Berlin Wall, which paved the way for the reunification of Germany on 3 October 1990 the formalities were completed.

United States President John F. Kennedy visited the Berlin Wall on June 6, 1963
After World War II
After the end of World War II, Germany was de facto divided into four sections. The four parts of the Allies was placed over the four powerhouses the United States and France, Britain and the Soviet Union over. Although parts of the Soviet Union in the city of Berlin was also divided into four parts. Although the rule states the purpose of the occupation of Germany in the context of the Cold War had begun in France, Britain and the United States are assumed to be formed into the Federal Republic of Germany. In contrast to the Soviet-occupied part of the Democratic Republic of Germany was formed.

Maps showing the location of the Berlin Wall checkpoints.

November 0, 1961: East German construction workers are building the Berlin Wall
What was the difference Germany
West Germany is to become a capitalist state social market system. Since 50 of the next 30 years, the country has a huge growth. On the other hand, East Germany was a Soviet-style planned economy is the economic system. As a result, the country was rich in comparison to the other countries of the Soviet bloc than in Western Germany was lagging behind. West Germany’s economic facilities have attracted a lot of people in the western part of East Germans began to walk. The East German government decided to pay a huge amount to keep a wall between eastern and western Berlin, to give up.

Phriedrikasainera preserved part of the wall osaphanahophera, August 006
What was proposed wall
On April 1, 195 East Germans took part in the talks with the leaders of Stalin’s foreign minister bhayesalabha matolobha. The decision was taken as a result of citizens in the western and eastern sides can not come to collect. Stalin’s reference to Germany’s two-tier dangerous border guard was proposed, of which the first stage will be dbitiyanse East German and Soviet troops simantaprahari. Accelerated action in this regard was the East German Prime Minister Walter ulabikata. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev approved the proposal. Separator between the two parts of the proposed fence would be nails.

Construction work starts

Two months prior to the start of construction of the wall on the 15th June 1961, at a press conference ulabikata said Walter Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten! There is no intention to erect a wall. For the first time used the word wall to wall concept. 1 August 1961, the East German leaders held talks dalasi parks. The construction was started in the early hours of Sunday 13 August. The 156-km long wall around West Berlin, 43 km duiansake are separated. Fearing that if any one moved to the western part of the construction of the East German armed forces and paramilitary forces took position in front of the wall. Soviet troops were not directly involved in the construction of any. In the eastern part to the western part of Berlin, which did not come so far in East Berlin wall was built.

What was the immediate response
The border between East and West Germany barbed wire fences, walls, and other structures mainaksetra were separated by the wall, because many became separated family members. An enclave of West Berlin into East Germany. Mayor Willy Brandt, West Berliners, led by the United States strongly protested silence.

United States President John F. Kennedy visited the Berlin Wall on June 6, 1963
In 1961, US President John F. Kennedy told the United States on July 5 in West Germany and West Berlin, but could contribute to the security of citizens. East Berlin could no interference heated situation. The United States only a mild diplomatic react. After months of construction of the wall to the right of the Soviet Union, the United States conceded that under international protection.
The East German regime and anti-fascist protective wall against the West as antifaschistischer Schutzwall said. But in East Germany had doubts about the authenticity of these concepts. As a result of the construction of the Berlin Wall abarnaniya are suffering.
The wall prevented the tide of refugees from East Germany was the main objective, as well as a few more things were important. According to the Soviet Union through the wall of the Warsaw bloc countries in eastern and western Germany to prevent the infiltration of agents. The wall played a pioneering role in the context of the Cold War. East Germany, West Germany and the Soviet Union were regarded as a puppet state. The euro against the dollar and the global capitalist West Germany to prevent the wall of the strong role medhapacara.

And changes in the structure of the wall
155 km wall was built 100 yards inside East Germany. Within 100 yards of the houses and infrastructure destroyed a nomyansalyanda is made. The inhabitants were transferred elsewhere. 100 yards in the neutral zone, known as a death trap. To easily identify the footprints of the section filled with gravel and sand was. At the touch of a man’s feet are placed automatically into the trap that will be activated. As the guards fired in the range of clear vision for the area as a convenient part, he becomes more and more important.
The changes were brought praciratite them can be divided roughly 4
1kamtatarera first fence (6 from 1961 onwards)
2kamtatarera high fence (196 BCE to 65 BCE)
3kanakritera walls (75 since 1965)
4grensamaoya 75 (89 since 1975)

In 1945, Germany occupied
The fourth stage was the most modern wall. He was named 1211 iuela istutasoyandaayalimenta UL 1211 support panel. Its construction began in 1975 and ended in 1980. The concrete slab was separated 45000. Each slab 4 feet in length and width of 1 foot. The cost of the East German mark 16155000. It is placed next to the observation tower and 0. 116 bunkers. [The remaining part of the wall of the memorial wall in the fourth stage.

Duprantera wall usage Official cekapayentasamuha
For travel between East and West Berlin, West Berliners and eight East German citizens halaara hold a formal way and the western world citizens and citizens of other countries in ways that allowed the barlinabasira used and the surrounding West Berlin from East Germany, there was a few other areas. Barlinabasira East Germany, West Germany and other Western countries to Denmark and Czechoslovakia and East Germany into West Berlin, which was used for. According to the agreement with the 197 ways to bhagaragulote West Berlin, East Germany allowed barj hayapurba stanastoina enclaves within the West in Berlin, Germany, the pathways used for communication. As part of the deal of 4 main allies throughout most of the history of the wall and the two parts of the army and officials, and diplomats in Berlin were able to pass quite easily. In West Berlin was pretty hard to take. 6 August 1961 to 17 December 1963 for the West Berlin was closed. In September 1971 agreement, it is relaxed. West Germany to West Germany in the way of road communication was four. He was in the southwest of Berlin, Berlin hemasteda atobana. This Berlin Checkpoint Bravo was connected to the city by the East German hemasteda. Access to West Berlin was 4 railways. Yetabidesi the canals and rivers boat citizens could quite easily navigate between the two Berlin. East Berlin was much more difficult for the process. Of course, that pensioners should not be any obstacle. From motor vehicles, grasping the lower part of the test for whether someone fleeing vehicle mirror under defector was east Berlin. Wall postadama Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in the US pilot Gary Powers was traded happened. Checkpoint Charlie and the east-west barlinabasi phredarikhastrasa stations could travel. As a result of the construction of the Berlin Wall and the UK transport system S bun bun was divided into two parts. Many stations are closed. The three railway stations in the eastern part of west would pass through the crossing without stopping. They were called gestarabanahopha ghostly station.

Remove the cut in the wall! Standing in front of the Berlin Wall, Mikhail garbacebhake to the US President Ronald Reagan’s famous speech
Attempt to escape
8 years in the history of the Berlin Wall to West Berlin wall that crosses more than 5000 cases. Debating whether to cross over the wall exactly how many had died there. Checkpoint Charlie Museum Director Alexandra hiladebrandera the death toll at 00. However, the research institute Centre for Historical Research jetajetaepha kanatemparari According to him, the death toll 133. East German authorities tried to cross the wall to shoot on sight anyone who provides instructions for border guards. Women and children in order to comply with the authorities warning against any kind of laxity deyaprathama jumped over the barbed wire fence or a wall, next to an apartment jumped from crossing the border incident. However, with time built better when it is not possible to be betrayed.

Conrad sumyana August 15, 1961, one of the first East German border guard leaping over the barbed-wire fence and moved west. Later, with the help of the whirlwinds of underground tunnels jumped in his balloon climbed down the wall sportasakara continue to break down the door to cross check post incident. Check metal bar is placed to avoid the incident, so that the motor is interrupted. Still did not stop trying. 4 passengers on sportakara created specifically bar the door with the bottom of the wall to collapse occurred on the west side. This is to prevent the subsequent winding road near simantacaukigulora hayaanya Thomas Kruger, a paksatyagakari incident light training aircraft landed on the west side. Wrote some satirical empty plane on the road trying to cross shot hayapracira be sent back to the eastern part of Berlin, between one and two in the neutral corner, but the West Germans would not have been possible to rescue him. Aligned with the rest of part of the West Berlin, East Germany’s only independent, but were part of a barbed wire fence. As a result, the East German border guards from firing if rescue efforts had feared. The first such events took place on 17 August 196. Peter Fletcher called the 18-year-old youth was shot in the west for a long time. Western media in the presence of reporters, he slowly succumbed to death due to bleeding. The latest death took place on 6 February 1989.
Hungary 3 August 1989, the government withdrew its border restrictions with Austria. In September, more than 13,000 people in West Germany by East German tourists in Hungary escaped to Austria. Demonstrations in East Germany began in October. October 18, ruled East Germany, Erich honekara resigned a long time. He was replaced by Egon Krenz. In January 1989, a century before honekara expressed optimism about the survival of the wall.
Was the slogan of the demonstration, which began at the beginning of September, we would like to go out to West Germany Wir wollen raus. Instead, it starts a new slogan, we’ll be here for Wir bleiben hier inngita crush the movement in favor of German unity. Protesters gathered in East Berlin, November 4th ayaleksasandraplatase 10 million hanakrenaja tolerant policy of the government and the communist Czechoslovak government in agreement with West Germany to East German refugees were cekoslabhakiya opportunity. November 9, 1989, Krenz refugees thekate growing pressure, led by the party politburo decided to patrol the border between East and West Germany will be directly granted to refugees. East German border guards to notify the decision on November 10, effective from the day of the decision. East German saboyaskike pracaramantri Gunter was responsible for the official announcement. Saboyaski holiday before November 9, because the decision was not aware about. On the same day a press conference prior to the declaration, he was betrayed. But it will be effective when he did not have any guidelines. It will take effect when the announcement at a press conference after he was asked about the moment as far as I know, this will be effective.
With thousands of East German television he heard the announcement gathered in East Berlin to West Berlin Wall go stale to demand it. In the absence of any instructions from the border guards became frustrated at Steady flow. When asked what to do if a telephone call to the senior authorities, they refused to force the decision. Ganadabira in the face of the border is opened. West Berliners on the other side in a celebratory atmosphere welcomed. Thus, informally Wall fell on November 9, 1989.
The East German government opened the way to the wall, the movement will be ten more. Until the summer of 1990 in Berlin, where the old ways have to be opened. The creation of a new entrance to the walls with bulldozers and destroyed much of the country’s media, still image video wall is referred to incorrectly as destroyed. Brandenburg was opened in December 1989. Twenty geitase two years starting from December 3 in Berlin bhisamukta movement. November 9, the East German authorities took the initiative to repair the damaged wall. But eventually the authorities harm upon another souvenir collectors took leave on 13 June .1990 officially breached the walls of the East German military units began and continued until November 1991. On July 1, 1990, East Germany, West Germany’s currency was introduced.
There are a few places of the wall now protected as part of the memorial. The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 3, 1990, played a key role in the German punahekatrikarane.