1 person killed in Bangladesh cyclone took away royanu

    ২১ প্রাণ কেড়ে নিল ঘূর্ণিঝড় ‘রোয়ানু’

Royanu the Bay of Bengal storm caused power of the wind speed of 6 km per hour hit the coast of Chittagong exceeded. Soon after the rain shed royanu weakens. The wind-breaking trees and houses have been destroyed, at least 1 person matyu.

Saturday in Chittagong, Bhola and Patuakhali, Laxmipur, Cox’s Bazar, Chandpur, Jhalokati, more than a hundred people were injured in the storm and Barisal coastal areas, as well as the loss of homes and property have been.

The mother-son, 11 in Chittagong, Noakhali, Feni Sonagazi tide washed away the mother-daughter three and a shepherd, the two gharacapa tajumaddine Bhola, Cox Kutubdiya walls choked and hit two boats, an old woman and Lakshmipur Sadar, Patuakhali dasaminaya tree died.

CHITTAGONG: Chittagong solasahare panchlaish afternoon at 1 pm from the roof of the shopping complex near a brick house with Rakib (11) was seriously injured in the name of the street. Chittagong Medical College Hospital where doctors declared him dead after katarbyarata Naik said the police outpost Jahangir Alam.

The two brothers while working ghers shrimp Halisahar a surge washed away, one of them was found dead in the afternoon. His name was not immediately identified.

Earlier in the morning at 4 am Upazila chalimapurera jungle tree house in the mountainous area kalapaniya Lokman Ghona collapses choked to death of the mother-son Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan said the UNO.

The deceased were identified as Mohammad Rafique’s wife Kajol Begum (48) and his son Belal Hossain Babu (10).

Also Mejbah the storm surge Banshkhali on different areas of the embankment collapsed into the water. The seven people were killed by drowning were reported.

The name of a woman killed in the chanuyaya Tahera Begum, her husband said. Harun. The others could not be identified.

Bhola Bhola on the final night of Friday when strong winds gachacapaya tajumaddine house and two were killed.

They are union Chandpur village sasiganja line Begum, wife of eyes (35) and Kolkata son Akram (14).

Bangladesh Red Crescent’s cyclone pripardanesa deputy program director. Shahabuddin said the increase in the intensity of the storm around 4am when the gharacapa Akram was injured. After hospital treatment, he died at 6 am. The tree fell on the house of the line when she died.

Cox: Two people were killed in the cyclone in Cox’s Bazar district kutubdia. 10 others were injured. The deceased, son of Abdur Rahim said at the dhurum area. Iqbal (5), the bill of kaiyara phayejura Rahman, son of Fazlul Haque (55).

Deputy Commissioner. Ali Hossain, Iqbal and Fazlul run over the walls of the boat were killed. Chittagong Medical College Hospital and five people were injured, two of Cox’s Bazar Sadar hospital. The three other men were given primary treatment.

Cyclone Kutubdia, Moheshkhali, Teknaf upazila Pekua and a half over 8 kilometers of embankment has collapsed partially and sometimes full. In addition, several low-lying districts have been flooded and damaged hundreds basataghara said Deputy Commissioner.

Patuakhali: Saturday morning, the house collapses in strong winds Union Lakshmipur village in Sadar upazila of the district Dashmina New Bibi (5) died.

Chief Executive Officer. Ajaharula the storm devastated houses in the area have been 10-1.

Lakshmipur: high winds uprooted trees in Sadar upazila was killed. One more injured. Killed Anwar Ullah (55) son of Bashir Ullah of the area.

He said the incident took place at the tooyariganja Sajjadur Hassan said Additional Deputy Commissioner.

0 of deaths and injuries from the administration of the grant money will be given to families of 5 Sajjadur Hassan said.

Noakhali: surge in Noakhali’s Hatia 3 deaths were reported on the island. Canandi around 4pm on Saturday at the Union of the city Minara Begum (35) and her daughter Mary Nesar (10) villagers saw the bodies floating. Salah Uddin, the union jahajamara riphula wife Begum (47), another person was killed.

Hatia Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Abu Hassan said. Main Uddin confirmed the death.

Feni district sonagazi cyclone hit the coastal areas on the sea at high tide, the water flooded the area caracandiyara jelepara a shepherd was killed. The deceased Noor Alam (34) in the area of home caracandiyara prison Sonagazi UNO Sharifa Haq said.

Royanu the influence of cyclonic storm also caused Bhola Feni Sonagazi 10 and at least 5 villages have been flooded. More than two million people have been marooned there. So the death toll is likely to rise further.


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