Recently, some of the popular webmail providers organization cyber criminals about 7 million and 3 million e-mail account information has grab. Being explored include information about user name, password, and other information related to login. Among the e-mails hacked Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Hotmail and several other organizations dataaraiusaha large number of e-mail accounts. Cyber security firm hold securities founder and chief information security officer Alex Holden said, a few months before the allegations Gmail, Yahoo, and several webmail providers hatameilasaha account a large number of organizations have been hacked to grab customer login information.
Webmail providers suffered cyber-security institutions of various types of information provided to the company. These data were analyzed to investigate the program.
Cyber criminals did not stop with just grab customer data. A large portion of the information has been published online.
Hold Security says it has increased the amount of recent cyber attacks. Now, being a victim of cyber attacks of all types of large and small organizations. At the same time, so much to grab the customer’s e-mail account login information has never happened before. Almost two years ago, the United States, banks and retail sale of a variety of organizations were victims of such data theft. In what ways are being explored just such eligible customer information, it is still not known. 7 million and 3 million are in the hands of the customer’s e-mail login information to cyber criminals. Ayakauntaprati 75 cents for bringing this information has been claimed.