Britain does not agree with thশেখ হাসিনার বক্তব্যের সঙ্গে একমত নয় ব্রিটেন  e Prime Minister’s speech
The freedom writers, bloggers, human rights activists over the killing of religious minorities and the government of Bangladesh has expressed disagreement with the statement of the United Kingdom.
The British parliament on Tuesday expressed concern over the current situation is. In these circumstances, until the next election against the “ban” would like to know whether the MP will be issued.
Asked about the recent killing of the UK’s Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Hugo sayyara, “contempt of religion” and that these killings Anti-government “to destabilize the country,” the Prime Minister said that these remarks are causing, they disagree with him. He said, we think, the problem is deeper.
The author of the book fair during the 015-blogger Avijit Roy murder in February after a series of several bloggers, online activists, Hindu-Buddhist-Christian religious leader, have been killed in different matanusari and foreigners.
Many of these killings madhyapracyabhittika IS and al-Qaeda ‘liability involves a “message but the government says the militant group does not exist Bangladesh. Radical parties inside the country, causing the event. The opposition parties are responsible for the murder of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at different times.
Diplomats EU countries discussed the issue recently met with concern when he was responsible for the murder of opposition parties. The foreign minister said the country’s image in the international community “to compromise” and to celebrate the government and the various groups, Jamaat causing the killing. BNP is going through their patronage.
Sayyarera version in February last year, the increase came from Bangladesh, such killings. Having discussed the matter with the Bangladesh government on a regular basis, he said.
Mannan julahasa killing of gay rights and his friend Mahbub, son of criticism calling for the arrest of the killers was also highlighted in Parliament.
The non-Muslim minorities, bloggers and attacks on homosexuals has become a big problem in the comments expressed concern about the human rights situation sayyara Hugo.
He said a lot of help we offer. This year, 16 million pounds of aid. The human rights situation has been repeatedly highlighted to the government of Bangladesh.
Britain’s International Development Minister Desmond soyeinao recent visit to Dhaka on the issue has been discussed with the Government of Bangladesh, he said.
In an interview with the media also expressed interest to visit Bangladesh sayyara Hugo.
Joy Joy was kidnapped by the United States, a conspiracy of the British Bangladeshi Rehman said about him being given proper legal assistance. In this regard, the minister himself wrote a letter to the British High Commissioner in Dhaka on Tuesday and has reached the letter.
The British High Commission in Dhaka to Delhi due to visa processing has been alleged that many Bangladeshis are facing difficulties. In this context, Visa Center will be on again Hugo sayyara Asked whether the Visa Processing Centre in the capital of each country they want. In Asia, several countries visa processing in Malaysia, we have to move.
We are not only in Bangladesh, and other countries from around the world have encountered a lot of criticism. But I am sure that, if the form is filled in correctly, then why can not prove that this country wants to be allowed to come to Britain.