False claims to attack the Islamic State

বাংলাদেশে আক্রমণে আইএসের দাবি মিথ্যাForeign Affairs Shahriar Alam said the militant group claims attack on false religious fundamentalism in Bangladesh wants to.

Shahriar Alam, told Reuters in an interview.

Meanwhile, Iraq and Syria, because it lost its main bases run out of food and money to the ISO now in Libya, Egypt and Bangladesh, countries such as the jihadists are chosen, so that you can attack low-cost locally.

But it dismissed Shahriar Alam said, local or international organization could not prove the presence of the ISO. There is enough evidence that the attacks of the local santrasigosthi.

He said their demands (in the context of the recent murder) is definitely false. But we have agreed with partner countries, we are not going to debate the matter. Because it gives the wrong message.