Sunrisers semi-Rahman

সেমিফাইনালে মুস্তাফিজের সানরাইজার্স

The billions of joy swept the IPL cricket eliminetara won the semi-final round (second qualifier) has reached the Sunrisers Hyderabad Rahman. Eliminetara two runs in the first round of the Kolkata Knight Riders sakibabihina. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi to bat after losing the toss Rahman team by eight wickets in 16 overs. 140 runs for eight wickets in reply to Kolkata. Rahman fight in Gujarat, the Lions will play the final group tomorrow.
Eliminetara round match between these two teams was made in the interest of the people of Bangladesh excess Shakib faced each other was unknown. But the interest was low tide before the start of the match. Rahman goes to the exclusive support. Because somehow in Kolkata rakheini XI. Rahman, Shakib played in both the team and the league. Twice won the champion team. Now mix this season sakibabihina Kolkata exhaustion rate were to conclude. Rahman live-die encounter resounding hit at the right side. One win and two defeats in retaliation. This is the ultimate revenge.
Do not harvest any wicket in unknown but is said to be confused batsmen to play his ball as usual. Those four runs in 8 overs. Where was over expensive. The first spell of three overs to score 11 runs in one over after a second spell. The numbers 17 and 19 overs of the innings came to a run of eight and six, respectively. He did not hit any of his six innings. Had four boundaries.
After losing the toss and elected to bat 16 overs capital Hyderabad. As this year’s IPL is not too much capital. Warner 8 batsman in the team to run more base was strengthened. Yuvraj Singh’s unbeaten 41. He also scored 31 runs hyanarikasa. But because the procurement of the Sunrisers team found a lot of confidence. Their confidence was at the heart of great bowling attack. And they have proved it. Joy did not have to get too much tension. At the beginning of big-hitting Uthappa, leader after another successful batsman Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan, quitting before and after Monroe became clear Sunrisers win. Manisa Pandey and Suriya Kumar Yadav, 46, runs just a little bit increased competition. Bhuvneshwar Kumar took three wickets.