Without the knowledge of the customer’s SIM Registration

গ্রাহকের অজান্তেও একাধিক সিম নিবন্ধন

SIM registration of biometric fingerprint system clients have repeatedly occurred without the knowledge of the registration of SIM teliyogayaga regulator said.

SIM registration karyalaye regulator on Wednesday introduced the latest status report and a short code, the regulator said in the opening ceremony, Director General (Systems and Services Division), Brigadier General Imdad-ul-Bari.

He said that registration of SIM Retailers are trying different types of fraud. Last month, an event that was Asuliyara a retailer with more than one SIM card registration fingerprint advantage of the customer’s carelessness. To match the customer’s finger print impression repeatedly said he had been taken.

A customer should be aware of Bari said. Every fingerprint registration numbers that he is being challenged by the need to verify that.

By Wednesday morning, all the operators, including 9 million to 70 million SIM cards have been registered in the biometric system, he said.

Meanwhile, the owner of the SIM card mobile phone SMS to tell a customer how many are in the process of the regulator.

Imdad ul-Bari said the process began in June, when the customer’s SIM card allows you to verify ownership information, his name is Sim how many you can find it easily.

After the introduction of biometric fingerprints from December 16 is not going to buy a new SIM. As well as re-running the old bean.

According to the government fixed the new deadline, May 31 at 1 pm will be re-SIM. And they will not have the SIM registration will be closed.

Earlier this month, those who do not re-introduced Sim, they will have to wait for two months to buy the SIM card again.

BTRC chairman at the time, Shah Mahmud, Vice Chairman Ahsan Habib Khan and others were present.


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