Shyamal Kanti demanded the arrest of Ulema League

 শ্যামল কান্তির গ্রেফতার দাবি ওলামা লীগের

Bangladesh Awami Ulema League claimed a portion of the district schools Shyamal Kanti arrested.
Their claim, “insulting religious sentiments of extreme Islam in the state, especially in the so-called green kantike beater to be arrested immediately.”
Organized a human chain in front of the National Press Club in the capital on Saturday demanded that the leaders of the organization.
Ulema League, said in a press release, “hurting religious sentiments Shyamal Kanti’s sensitive about not being punished despite having sufficient evidence. Nastikapanthi religious sentiments of some media is avoided. ”
At the same time demanding the cancellation of the policy and laws Ulama League statement, ‘Faith Education Act passed in 2016 and 010 education-cum-religious Jamaat alliance government issued to traders can not be given up